Game-Changer? Color Finale: Industry Standard Grading Tools Inside FCP X

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Color Grading Central releases Color Finale, a plugin that will make people think twice about going outside of Apple’s NLE for more sophisticated color grading alternatives.

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Color wheels, curves, LUTs, and vectors abound in this new plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, and at least for yours truly Color Finale is simultaneously exciting and frightening. I was on the verge of making a decision – and commitment – to Magic Bullet or DaVinci Resolve Lite, but now I have to absorb more information before making that choice.

It IS a choice, right? It’s not like I need more than one?

Or do I?

Maybe you face the same dilemma.

There is a school of thought (I’m an adherent of necessity) that you should capture the image you want in camera. For proponents of this school, things like S-log, cine gamma and the many hours in post necessary to bring the image back to one’s vision are to be avoided wherever possible (notice I didn’t write “at all cost,” because that really is the point and the impetus for necessity – lack of time, money and skill).

There's another school of thought (I'm an adherent of this, too) that all else being equal, it's best to stay with one package and just learn the heck out of it – which is another reason I've held off going outside of FCP X.

I’ve held off as long as I can — I think I have to take the plunge into color grading beyond the basics — but Color Finale just might be the ticket.

Feels to me like another walk-off is in the making. [bctt tweet=”Game-changer? Color Finale offers awesome grading tools INSIDE FCPX!”]

For more information, visit Color Grading Central’s web site for a free 7 day trial — and let us know what you think! – Don't forget the discount code above!!!

Color Finale for Final Cut Pro X (4K)

Try out Color Finale with a 7 day risk-free trial and get the results you're looking for:

Color Finale is a color grading plugin for Final Cut Pro X that introduces industry standard grading tools like 3 Way Color Wheels, RGB Curves, 3D LUTs (Look Up Tables) and MORE all within your Final Cut timeline.

Find out how fun and exciting it can be to professionally grade right within Final Cut Pro X!
– Denver Riddle, Colorist


Well not an update exactly but a tool that expands its color grading capabilities

Via Color Grading Central Press:

Cashmere, WA: Color Grading Central has released a new color grading plugin for Final Cut Pro X. Color Finale as the plugin is called expands the color offerings found in FCP X by introducing grading tools that are normally reserved for dedicated grading apps.

As one user stated, “So, color wheels side by side, great! Curves, that's always a nice touch. “Real” color grading controls.” – Ben Balser

And as a reduser mentioned, “Ideally I would prefer to do everything in one app but for now it just isn't that way… I am anxious to check this out.” – Adam Rock

Final Cut users will be excited to use professional telecine tools like 3 way color wheels, RGB curves, vector based secondaries and 3D LUTs via LUT Utility right within their FCP timelines.

Color Finale is available for free as a 7 day full functioning trial and costs $99 to license (REMEMBER THE DISCOUNT ABOVE!).

About our Company: Color Grading Central helps colorists and filmmakers from all over the world improve their grading results though tutorials and software based solutions.

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  1. no chance to get that on Premiere CC? I would love it because I do not want to change my software for that

  2. I think the minimum adjustment steps are way to large to do a proper adjustment, when you start working with lift gamma gain and color wheels I immediately have the feeling of non control of my colours, I hope they’ll modify it in next updates.

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