Free Affinity Photo Beta Updated to Include Raw Photo Processing — Try it Out Now!

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The latest free beta of fully-featured professional photo editing application Affinity Photo adds raw file processing and is now available for download. I am trying it out right now and I like what I see. And you can’t argue with free!

Serif (Europe) Ltd, a UK-based Windows software company, got into the Mac professional graphics application business last year and came out swinging with the highly regarded vector editing program, Affinity Designer. Serif’s first product was an instant hit and won the prestigious Mac App Store Editor’s Choice award late 2014.

Affinity Designer proved to be anything but a typical first Mac product from a Windows developer and showed that Serif’s Mac team really do know what they are up to. I recently took advantage of Designer’s time-limited free trial and loved what I saw.

Now I am seriously considering buying Affinity Designer for use in a series of vector illustrations for an ebook publishing project and, once I have it, no doubt it will be used in moviemaking projects here too. Like many moviemakers and photographers I know, there is more to our work than just editing movies or photographs.

Affinity Designer is one of a set of three Mac products from Serif under the collective name Affinity for Mac. The other two applications are Affinity Publisher and Affinity Photo. Publisher is due out sometime in late 2015 and the beta of Affinity Photo has new features being added on an ongoing basis.

All three products look set to become serious alternatives to Adobe’s well-established vector, publishing and photo publishing trio of Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, especially in the small, independent and enthusiast sectors.

The biggest differences between Adobe’s set of three applications and Serif’s? Firstly, each Affinity for Mac application is subject to one-time purchase only via the Mac App store. Secondly, each Serif program is built on a completely new code base that takes full advantage of the latest core technologies Apple has built into Mac OS X. [bctt tweet=”Serif Labs releases latest free update to public beta of Affinity Photo and adds raw processing.”]

Affinity Photo

The Affinity Photo beta splash screen and preferences dialog. Screenshot made with Skitch then resized in the latest Affinity Photo beta.

I have not spent enough time in Affinity Photo to do an in-depth review right now, but I can certainly recommend that you download it and give it a thorough tryout. So far I have found it be fast, full-featured and fun. And the learning curve is anything but steep given how closely its user interface resembles that of Photoshop.

What have you got to lose? If you like what you see, you may even wish to send your feedback and features requests to the Affinity for Mac team and potentially see them appear in coming updates.

Affinity Photo Beta Has Landed


Affinity Photo is now in public beta. Download for free from

Check out the fastest, smoothest, most precise, professional image editing software for Mac.

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(cover photo credit: snap from Serif)


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