eMotimo Cart: Dynamic Camera Motion You Can’t Get with Sliders or Jibs

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If you haven’t done so recently, watch Hitchcock’s TO CATCH A THIEF and notice how little dynamic camera motion he actually used — yet still told a great story. Now take a look at the eMotimo Cart intro, and see once again just what incredible tools we have at our disposal by comparison. We have no excuses.

With an intro price of $329 (you’ll want the TB3 3-axis motion controller to go with it, $849-$999 depending on configuration), the Cart is the third product in eMotimo’s growing lineup.

But what exactly is it?

It’s a compact, three-wheeled platform which enables the TB3 to pan and tilt either in timelapse or continuous mode from a floor, road, tabletop, or any other flat surface. An interesting complication – as the Swiss watch-making community might write – is the ability to add a third axis to the controller for driving a slider, focus or zoom.

We’re intrigued with their value proposition; their use of open source software; and their location in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Guess we’ll have to get some of their products in-house to test!

Visit www.emotimo.com to learn more. [bctt tweet=”eMotimo expands its product line up again”]

eMotimo Cart Intro

The eMotimo precision cart is almost ready for sale. Coupled with the TB3, you can now easily capture 3 axis, panning, tilting, translating video and timelapse.

Check out eMotimo.com/cart for more information.

Special thanks to Permagrin Films with Marc Donahue, Roth Rind and Alonzo for stopping on in and playing with us while consuming beers.

Thanks to Danny Brown for playing with us while drinking beers out in the Presidio in San Francisco the other weekend.

Thanks to Justin Majeczky of varient3.com and Marc Donahue for early product testing and feedback in the field. They have some ripping footage that we will show later.


eMotimo Cart

The eMotimo Cart takes your linear movement to new distances. Find a smooth surface, adjust the angle of the move, program the shot, and go; it’s as easy as that. The Cart is designed for capturing extremely long movements, circular movements, and parallax shots. Perfect for shooting sporting events, interviews, 360 degree product shots, transportation, urban environments, and more. The eMotimo Cart, paired with your TB3 will only add more creative power to your arsenal.

Learn more about the eMotimo Cart

eMotimo Cart image 1

(cover photo credit: snap from eMotimo)

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