Canon EOS 5Ds and much more on DSLR Film Noob Podcast with planetMitch

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I'm having a blast working with Deejay from on his podcast! We did our first “live” show as part of the Canon EOS 5Ds announcement last friday.

We ended up talking a lot about the Canon EOS 5Ds but also some other things:

  • Canon EOS 5Ds/R
  • Samsung just announced the NX500
  • Olympus E-M5 Mark II
  • Olympus announced the Air Clip
  • much more!

Canon EOS 5Ds and much more on DSLR Film Noob Podcast!

Via DSLR Film Noob:

Just finished up another Episode of DSLR FILM NOOB podcast, planetMitch from planet5D joins me to discuss the long list of new camera announcements from Samsung, Olympus, and Canon. It’s also the first video + audio show.

DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast Episode 4

You can find the show notes here. You can find the show on itunes here, Soundcloud, or under the podcast tab above. Feel free to send in questions to dslrfilmnoob at gmail. We are thinking about starting up a forum of some kind as well as an IRC chat room. Let me know what you think!

Find out more at DSLR Film Noob.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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