Canon 5D3 Firmware Downgrade IS Possible

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Thanks to eagle-eyed planet5D reader Hallur for pointing us to the Magic Lantern forum post – and accompanying video – showing how a Canon 5D Mk III firmware downgrade can be done so that ML will still work.

As we posted a couple of weeks ago, Canon’s latest firmware updates to the 5D Mk III and 1D X (1.3.3.) don’t work with the most current version of Magic Lantern.

But it turns out you CAN downgrade back to 1.2.3 according to ML Forum user Sridev.

This is going to be a BIG relief to a number of our readers, but be forewarned: the video that accompanies Sridev’s post is tough to see and not easy to hear clearly.

Still, this is good news. Thanks, Hallur.

And most especially, thanks Sridev!

5D Mark III Firmware Downgrade 1.3.3 to 1.2.3

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Via Sridev's ML Forum post:

I have downgraded from 1.3.3 to 1.2.3 using canon utility tool. It was successful.

Here are the Steps:
1. first download and install Canon utility software to your computer
2. then download the firmware version 1.2.3 and save it in your local directory
3. Connect your camera using USB cable to your computer
4. Now Canon utility window automatically pops up.
5. select camera settings/remote shooting under control camera tab
6. then select setup menu in newly opened window there you could see the selection for Firmware
7. Click firmware then system will give you the option for update (either upgrade/downgrade)
8. then navigate and point out the firmware which you like to upgrade or Downgrade.
Ex: if you already installed 1.3.3 then select the firmware setup for 1.2.3 to downgrade
9. Thats it! then follow the instructions in your camera to complete the installation.
10. then Enjoy!

If you have any doubts pls refer


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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