apertus° AXIOM Update: We LOVE These Guys

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From cinematically stylish to very human in less than 30 seconds, the first apertus° AXIOM video update since the project was successfully funded on Kickstarter crystalizes a number of thoughts about life, liberty and the pursuit of… capitalism.

Whoa. That’s a heavy intro.

And absolutely true.

As I watched Sebastian Pichelhofer (Project Leader) and Max Gurresch (Media/Technical Documentation) mix banter with exceptionally straightforward and accessible detail about what they’re doing with the funding they received, I found myself thinking about a number of comparisons to other dynamic duos.

I ultimately settled on Superman and Bizarro.

Because watching Sebastian and Max was like watching some strange parallel universe version of Jobs/Wozniak or Gates/Ballmer, only in this universe, it was the OTHER guys who were bizarre – Sebastian and Max were great.

And by that I mean: the apertus guys were happy, relaxed and…real. They were open. Transparent. They answered questions they’d received, and were just as comfortable saying “no” as “yes” – and just as happy to say “we don’t know yet” and explain why. Guys with whom you might actually want to have a beer (though I don’t actually drink the stuff myself). And guys who you suspect will actually achieve their goals. [bctt tweet=”Man, I hope they pull this off”]


By comparison, I was reminded of the live NeXT demo Steve Jobs put on years ago that I was fortunate to attend (I am STILL an Apple fan boy, Walter Isaacson's excellent biography and Jobs' legendary prickliness notwithstanding); another live event I attended in which Robert Palmer, the then-new CEO of DEC (anyone remember them?) laid out his plan for rescuing DEC shortly before it cratered completely; and any number of recent earnings calls or TV appearances by pick-your-senior-corporate-guy-repping-a-big-company.

Dick Cheney.

Mary T. Barra.

Grim. Pressured. Anything BUT transparent. Guys (non-gender-specific term of endearment) you’d be more likely to see on the floor of the Roman Coliseum, back in the day.


I don’t mean to romanticize open source nor overstate the importance of an open source cinema camera in the totality of human experience.

I don’t mean to belittle the tremendous accomplishments of a number of large companies nor their critical, essential roles in our daily lives.

And…right: when you’re a startup, you can afford to be a lot more relaxed than when you’re running a global business with hundreds of thousands of employees, beholden to a large pool of stakeholders.

But it is beyond refreshing– and noteworthy – to watch Sebastian and Max and remember that capitalism (like ANY “ism”) isn’t a magic bullet that solves every problem.

There ARE other ways to approach things. And certainly room for more than one. Like open source.

Man, do I hope they pull this off.

AXIOM Team Talk – Volume 1

Via Axiom Team:

In this first in-depth video we give an update on development progress, further plans, the EU Grant, NAB 2015 and answer a lot of user submitted questions about AXIOM Beta and Gamma in a way that you hopefully consider fun and entertaining

Axiom Update - Axiom team talk

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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