An Impressive, Affordable Cinematic Looks 3D LUT Set from Rocket Rooster

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Now that 3D LUT packages have become established in the color grading workflow, more LUT developers and more LUT collections continue to appear on the scene. The latest to come to our attention is a competitively priced, full-featured set of filmic looks LUT by British moviemaker Kevin Davies.

Rocket Rooster Cinema Colour contains 14 Log to Rec. 709 camera profile LUTs for popular DSLRs and camcorders, and 35 different LUTs to help achieve many of the most popular cinematic looks in use today. At USD13.99 or 12 Euros, Mr Davies’ first 3D LUT collection is a bargain.

I asked Kevin about his background and he shared his background and motivation:

I'm a passionate filmmaker who started out in comics and animation, quite a few years ago (mainly because of my drawing background ) but I've always had a fascination with film and photography. While on a trip with my brother I bought myself a little Nikon DSLR, joined a photography club and that's where I got my kickstart into the photo and video world.

Like most filmmakers these days, I didn't have much money or at least any I could really spare to go to film school so I would offer my services on set mostly taking behind the scenes photos and doing storyboards. That's how I picked up videography and have been refining my skills and learning new things as I go along.

Rocket Rooster Cinema Colour includes 35 film look 3D LUTs plus 14 Log to Rec. 709 camera LUTs for popular DSLRs, RED, Blackmagic Design and other camcorders.

Contents of the Blockbusters folder. Rocket Rooster Cinema Colour includes 35 film look 3D LUTs plus 14 Log to Rec. 709 camera LUTs for popular DSLRs, RED, Blackmagic Design and other camcorders in the Film Tools folder.

Rocket Rooster began as a blog, or at least was meant to be a blog, where I could post all my random thoughts about filmmaking and hopefully someone would find it interesting. I didn't think I would really have the time to keep a blog going so that idea started to decay in my “to do” list till one day an opportunity came in the form of some encouragement from those around me to put up some of my resources online for people to buy. One thing led to another and Rocket Rooster was born.

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Kevin also told me something about his current work situation:

I work in a family business called Whiteshore Entertainment that has a small production studio called Whiteshore Studios.

Whiteshore Studios is primarily a digital entertainment, media development (video games, corporate apps and such) and animation studio but I head the tiny film devision. Whiteshore Studios operates in Nairobi with a small arm in Asia and has an extensive client list of leading local brands and international brands like Barclays, Dunhill, Ogilvy, Airtel and some others.

I work behind the lens, directing and in the editing studio. I mostly work in editing/post-production these days.

A quick test of a LUT from the set

I haven’t had the chance to put Kevin’s LUTs to the test in a movie grading project yet but I did apply CineMagic Skin to a frame exported from some Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K footage the other day.

Rocket Rooster Cinema Colour

In Martin Place looking up in direction of the Lindt Café. Still frame from Panasonic Lumix GH4 using its 4K Photo function. Rocket Rooster CineMagic Skin LUT applied to the footage.

The foreground figure's skin was giving me a little trouble and, as time was limited for producing this frame grab, I wondered if Rocket Rooster Cinema Colour contained a LUT that would be a fast solution. It did! The CineMagic Skin LUT also enhanced the gloomy feel I was after for this shot in a location that was recently the site of a fatal siege.

I didn't do any other grading on the image but when it comes to grading the footage itself, I may well use this LUT as the basis, with secondary grading on the primary figure's face. The LUT works rather nicely on her hands with only primary grading and the fabric of her blouse has taken on a rather fragile, organic look.

I will be trying out more of Kevin Davies’ LUTs in the coming weeks. As usual I will note which still frames have had his LUTs applied in the captions in any relevant articles.

Rocket Rooster Cinema Colour

Rocket Rooster Cinema Colour Pack overview.
Cinemagic 3 MK2 – Pro Only
Instant Sunset – Pro and Basic
Bright – Pro and Basic
M Seventy MK2 – Pro Only. Basic has a nice M Seventy MK1 though
Cinemagic 4 – Pro Only
Napoli – Pro Only

Rocketrooster Cinema Colour

Rocket Rooster Cinema Colour demo

What's in the Pack

Via Rocket Rooster:

Rocket Rooster Cinema Colour Pack consists of a set of 3D LUTs (Look Up Tables) and film maker tools that are aimed to get you faster, better results from your footage in post.

Choose from over 30 different looks and film tools to achieve stunning images every time on any system you shoot with.

Rocket Rooster Cinema Colour Pack is built to work with standard and variations of REC 709 colour and work with almost any footage with minor tweaks to achieve the best results. The pack also extends to various Log formats from a number of supported cameras with our LOG to REC 709 conversion kit.

Learn more about Rocket Rooster Cinema Colour

(cover photo credit: snap from Rocket Rooster )

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