4K Shooters Podcast Interview with planetMitch

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For those of you who know me, you probably realize that I love to talk! HA!

Last week, I was invited to be a guest on the 4kshooters.net podcast and you know I won't turn down an opportunity to spread the love about planet5D.

You may not be familiar with them – and I've only recently become aware – but they're doing some great stuff in the last year and they do indeed talk about more than just 4k!

In fact, this is like podcast #34 for them! (Yes, I can even read the titles from their blog LOL!)

It was a fun conversation and I had a lot of fun talking about NAB, Canon, TVs, 4k, and much more!

So tune in, you will learn something new. Especially cool was meeting Ogy and Vitaly (tho he's not on this show) and those of you from Europe will enjoy the conversation especially. Tune in!

Podcast 034: Interview with Special Guest Filmmaker, Photographer & Blogger planetMitch from Planet5D.com

Via 4K Shooters:

In Episode 034 of the 4K Shooters Podcast, we chat with Special Guest planetMitch, founder of planet5D.com one of the oldest filmmaking blogs about the beginnings of the DSLR “revolution”, blogging, NAB 2015 rumors, Canon, and his thoughts on 4K.

The 4k Shooters podcast:

Here's also their link to The Camera Conundrum

camera Conundrum

(cover photo credit: snap from planet5D)

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