Who Shoots 4k video? Our survey tells a lot! Simple Sunday Survey #4

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This week we asked how many of our planet5D subscribers are shooting 4k video and how often they’re doing it… the results, despite all the hype over 4k, are pretty much what I thought… tho actually, the number of people shooting 4k all the time was a bit surprising

At least to me… I thought the number of people shooting 4k video all the time would be higher.

So have a look at my report below (or listen online on iTunes or here)

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video version

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  1. I don’t think this is at all unexpected. My guess is that the majority of users here are shooting with cameras listed below $4,000. At which point there are only three cameras that truly shoot 4K. The GH4, The NX1 and the BMPC. The A7S requires an expensive external box to do it, which I don’t think a lot of DSLR style shooters are thrillled with the idea of. The NX1 is brand new and doesn’t have a huge ecosystem yet. So it’s still untrusted. The GH4 is m43 which a lot of people stil haven’t jumped on board with that or don’t like it for any number of reasons. The BMPC is an odd design that doesn’t double as a stills camera. Plus blackmagic has a reputation that still isn’t solid when it comes to cameras. Not to mention their constant switching of sensor sizes and lens mounts which personally has me a little unsure which lenss to invest in long term if I went with their cameras.    

    I think these numbers will drastically change once Canon and Nikon release sub $2,000 4K shooting DSLRs. 

    But I also think it comes down to demand as well. Is there a lot of demand for 4K footage? No. So why make the jump now when we have great HD cameras at good prices and inexpensive computers that can easily handle the HD workflow?

    Plus we have to admit that HD is a really great resolution overall. It’s proven itself on everything from smartphone screens to movie theaters with any major audience complaints. The biggest reason to go 4K is really just to get a nicer HD image. I don’t know if we’ll ever really see the demand for 4K content the way we did for HD.

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