planetMitch on DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast Episode 0.8

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Podcasts are cool right? I know many of you are big fans of listening to podcasts on your way to or from work, and maybe even while you're at the office or on the sound stage waiting for something important to happen…

And I know some of you have told me how much you miss the planet5D podcast I let it fall apart last fall when I was dealing with those horrible kidney stones for a couple of months… but I have good news!

I've been asked to join the DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast as a regular co-host!

The first ‘official' podcast I'll be on with Deejay from DSLR FILM NOOB will be recorded this coming Friday (and I don't know when it will be released – still working on that)

But in the mean time, Deejay was doing some ‘testing' of a number of people as co-hosts and below is the podcast I did with him 2 weeks ago as part of that testing process. You can hear that one below.

I've met Deejay a couple of times at places like NAB and we get along pretty well. Deejay has been doing a phenomenal job with his site over the past few years and he's been amazingly prolific with what he shares. He's also posting a good bit of DIY stuff as he loves to tinker with gear… so I'm planning to learn a whole lot from him as well as being able to share what we're doing over here at planet5D – so it should be the best of both worlds! [bctt tweet=”planetMitch joins Deejay on the DSLR FILM NOOB podcast – ‘interesting talk about the Sony a7s' and more!”]

I hope you'll enjoy the show and we'll be posting the episodes here on planet5D when they go online. I'm looking forward to it and I hope you are too!

DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast Episode 0.8

DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast Episode 0.8


Via DSLR Film Noob:

Just about done with the Podcast Co-host marathon. This time Mitch from Planet5d joins me for an interesting talk about his experience with the Sony a7s and some of the new HD and 4k televisions that are killing the look of our films in the living room. Stay tuned after the show for some behind the scenes talk. More episodes are available under the podcast tab above (iTunes is coming folks).

Listen to DSLR Film Noob Podcast Episode 0.8

(cover photo credit: snap from DSLR Film Noob)

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