CUBE 5D3 Kit

Motionnine Releases Camera Cage for Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Form-Fitting, New Quick Release NATO Handle & Cable Clamp

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Korean accessories specialist Motionnine has just released its Cube 5D3 Kit for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR, their first camera cage to include a quick release NATO handle and quick release cable clamp. There is a 15% off launch sale right now so get in quick to take advantage. It runs on a first come, first served basis from January 9 to February 7.

The full kit is the first item in Motionnine’s 5D Mark 3 product range to go on sale and it will be followed soon with cage, NATO handle and cable clamp becoming available for purchase separately.

That is great news for owners of other Motionnine camera cages like the Cube Alpha A7s , Cube Mix GH4/GH3 and Cubecage BMPCC for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Many cage owners prefer quick release grips and handles to the bolt-on alternatives especially when toting caged cameras in backpacks and shoulder bags. Quick release handles can be snapped on to the cage ready for action.

As Sol March of Suggestion of Motion writes in his review of another brand NATO handle, “a NATO rail is a flexible quick-release standard supported by several manufacturers”.

“Compatible accessories can slide along the length of a NATO rail and clamp tightly at the desired position,” he adds, then continues to list the other virtues of quick-release NATO handles including faster break down for packing and no longer having to worry about having a tall enough case to accommodate cage with handle attached.

As DSLR cameras like the 5D Mark III and DSLMs like the A7s, BMPCC and GH4 find a place in movie production at all levels, the need for safe, secure and versatile camera grip accessories like cages has become even more pronounced.

DSLR moviemaking pioneer Vince LaForet says it best when referring to another brand of DSLR camera cage:

… the ability to have hard mounted rods and other accessories make this a GO TO accessory you won’t soon regret. HDSLRS are NOT built to have heavy equipment mounted to them, even the tripod mount is far from ideal.

Securing your precious, rather fragile camera into a well-designed and well-made cage helps keep better grip on it, adds plenty of industry-standard threaded screw holes for mounting accessories of all sorts and helps protect your camera should the worst occur. That was exactly what happened to me thanks to my Motionnine Cube Mix GH4/GH3 cage recently, the incident I reported on at A Motionnine Cage Saved My Panasonic GH4 & My Moviemaking Career.

Motionnine Cage Series Cube 5D3

CUBE 5D3 Kit


As part of the growing Motionnine camera accessories ecosystem, new owners of the CUBE 5D3 Kit will be able to add other products like the Cubecage Rod Riser, Cubepower External Battery Kit, Cubecage Hot Shoe 1/4 and more.

You may also wish to check out the recently released Linecam 34 and Linecam 46 sliders and keep an eye out for other new products coming soon like the Monojib, Canon 7D Mark II cage and others.

(cover photo credit: snap from Motionnine)

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