Canon EOS 5DS

50MP Canon 5DS and 5DR are Real

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The 5DS and 5DR are interesting both for what they are — and what they aren’t.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until next week to get a fuller picture of these new twins, distinguished at this point only by the absence of an anti-aliasing filter in the R.

But what will be especially interesting is to see whether or not Canon has spec’d these next generation 5D’s to align more fully with still photography or to up their game in video, too.

If the purported ISO range of 100-6400 is any indication, it sends a very strong signal that Canon is refocusing on still photography at the expense of video (as if 50MP and no mention of focus assist didn’t already suggest as much!) – but again, we’ll see soon enough.

For still photographers at least, the new camera’s specs are a major leap forward. [bctt tweet=”Next generation 50MP Canon 5DS and 5DR are real”]

Canon EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R Specifications

Via Canon Rumors:

As first reported here, the Canon EOS 5DS will be coming next week and the specs have leaked.

Canon EOS 5DS



  • 50.6MP full frame CMOS sensor
  • 5DS R has the low pass filter removed
  • Magnesium Alloy Body
  • Dust and weather sealed
  • Dual DIGIC6 processor
  • ISO Range of 100-6400
  • 5FPS continuous shooting
  • High precision 61-point AF
  • EOS Itr AF
  • “fine detail” added to the Picture Styles
  • 1.3x and 1.6x crop shooting mode
  • Customizable “Quick Control screen”
  • Time-lapse movie
  • Anti-flicker
  • Interval Timer
  • Bulb timer

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon Rumors)


  1. The picture is definitely a photoshopped version of a stock Canon 5D Mark III photo, with the name plate replaced and the contrast increased (just do a google image search on it).

    Who knows, maybe Canon would plan a new camera but not take a picture of it, instead choosing to Photoshop a picture of an older model… but if you set aside the image, what actual evidence is there for the existence of the camera?

  2. I don’t see why 50MP and ‘sticking to ISO6400’ is an uge leap forward for photographers!  5fps is a step back… ISO has to be ‘on par’ with the A7S, minimal…. 
    what the hack is a bulb timer, and why would I need one? 

    No 4K, not interested. 50MP is way to much for me anyway, and… knowing Canon’s policy, the price will be way to high to make it interesting to replace my 5DmkIII. For video, i’m already looking toward Sony… For photography, if Canon a least upgraded their AF abilities, as in…. having a red dot again, then perhaps, since the lack of a red focuspoint is 1 of the biggest frustration points I have with the 5D, 1 of the stupidest design things they did with the 5D / 1D-X.

  3. TonyNorthrup Hey, Tony.  Thanks for keeping me honest. Rumors generally hold little interest for me personally (Canon rumors even less so), but in this case my high regard for‘s ability to discern signal from noise — and the implications for a next-gen 5D spec’d this way — led me to jump the gun.  Apologies for not making the distinction that this was not an official Canon release, but rather a reputable and likely rumor, though rumor it is — still. If I were a betting man, I’d bet this is what we’ll see next week. Care to wager?  🙂

  4. planetMitch I agree — and that’s what makes it interesting.  It would seem Canon is strategically ceding the market it created with the 5D2 to Sony and the MFT consortium, while giving a starker choice to Canon loyalists between (and a bigger set of reasons to jump from) the Rebel line to the Cinema EOS line).  But just my opinion!

  5. planetMitch is there a difference then? For a ‘photographers’ camera, i would expect better specs then just 50MP…. and an extra camera without a lowpass filter. 
    If this is a photographers camera, I don’t see why the ‘stop’ at ISO6400… they could go back to the ‘s’ period (1Ds version), aiming mainly on studio use, but… then the ‘weathersealed and totally magnesium body is then again a bit weird. (as in … you don’t need that then). 
    5D has become a ‘mark’ in videoland…. would be silly just to stop that lineup. The cinema line-up is mostly overkill for most anyway, besides the way higher price.  but then again, there where rumors there will be a ‘real’ 5DmkIV with 4K later this year.

    I personally don’t see why these camera’s would bring Canon back into the lead.

  6. HughBrownstone I wasn’t trying to bust on you, I was just sincerely asking… I’m seeing this news story covered everywhere and I’m just not sure what evidence there is, but it sounds like it’s mostly just wishful thinking and pent-up demand :).

    Well, we do have evidence that the 7D Mark II has a sensor that’s just as efficient per square mm as the latest from Nikon and Sony, so I’d expect the next high-end Canon to match their image quality. As for the extra megapixels, Canon would be silly if they didn’t, especially with all their awesome, sharp glass.

  7. TonyNorthrup HughBrownstone No worries, Tony. We’ll see soon enough!

  8. TonyNorthrup HughBrownstone Tony, you can blame me on this one 🙂 — I wasn’t paying enough attention as the editor! The title shouldn’t have gone thru with such conviction that there is indeed a 5Ds or whatever (tho there is an article on PetaPixel that seems to believe there is indeed )

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