Can Sony A7s Do Broadcast TV? NBC Promo Shot on Sony A7s & DJI Ronin

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We first posted about Raphael Rogers’ work in August 2013, when we – along with others — rhapsodized about his sci-fi short BEYOND, shot on a Canon C100. A year later, Raphael contacted us and we posted again, this time about a gorgeous short he’d created with his just-received Sony A7s, AETERNA. More rhapsodizing. Now, he’s just shot and directed a promo for the new NBC series ALLEGIANCE (airing February 5th), and we’re gobsmacked yet again.

At 2:18 in the promo for NBC’s latest spy thriller series, a platinum blonde Russian spy tells us how she fell in love with her co-conspirator whose cover was as her husband: “… his skill was astonishing… he is a great asset…”

I could have sworn she was speaking about Raphael himself.

Clearly, NBC would agree, as they contacted him after seeing his earlier work.

Call this the latest installment in our Wayne’s World “We’re Not Worthy” series, or just call it recognition of a really incredible – and incredibly focused – talent. In either case, it truly is astonishing to see what Raphael has been doing (and gratifying to see the growing recognition for his work), armed once again with the Sony A7s, now joined by a DJI Ronin gimbal. [bctt tweet=”AWESOME! Sony A7s and DJI Ronin on Broadcast TV!”]

But am I the ONLY one who thinks the narrator is I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. chief Spottswoode from TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE?

Sorry. Just asking.

Allegiance – CIA Message to SVR Operatives (Digital Exclusive)

Message from Raphael Rogers:

“Hey Mitch, just released the first of two promos I dp'd and directed for NBC.

Did it on the a7s and the ronin 🙂

If interested, it's on hulu, youtube and The second part will be up soon I think.




We asked Raphael about his progression from the sci-fi short to working on a TV promo:

“It was actually a simple process. I met with a production company after they saw some of my work online. They appreciated that I have the ability to direct, shoot and create visual effects all in one. They told me about the project, I said I was interested and it went from there.

The timeframe was extremely short. From first meeting to finished product was about three weeks. I did all the vfx over Christmas while I was in Austin turned in both cuts and then we tweaked a little. NBC loved them, having only one change for both videos. So it was a great experience.

Production was very streamlined, it was a mixture of my own people that I normally work with and the production company's. It all came together very fast. We shot with the a7s on a ronin almost the entire time even if I wanted tripod shots. We just locked it off on a c-stand. We only took it off if I wanted to go handheld.

That's pretty much the gist, working my way up the ladder!”


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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