Beauty of the Beast: Timelapse/Hyperlapse of Dubai

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Modest tools, immodest location and great skill combine for this riveting couple of minutes from Kirill Neiezhmakov, latest in his on-going timelapse/ hyperlapse series on major cities.

In this latest installment of our occasional series entitled “We’re not worthy,” Kirill proves once again that you don’t need expensive gear to do extraordinary things in photography.

Nor that you have to appreciate the subject to appreciate the artistry.

Armed with a couple of lower-end Canons (60D and 550D); OK-to-pretty-darned-good-but-never-over-the-top glass (from Samyang, Sigma and Canon); a great piece of software (LRTimelapse which I STILL don’t know how to use); and motion control gear from Konova, Kirill melds his aesthetic sensibilities and expert use of the tools to create his Dubai short.

You may not appreciate the excesses of Dubai’s architecture – beautiful in its own way, appalling in others — but in any event, Kirill’s work stands above it. [bctt tweet=”Kirill proves once again that you don’t need expensive gear to do extraordinary things in photography”]

Well done!

Dubai. United Arab Emirates Timelapse/Hyperlapse

Via Vimeo Description:

This timelapse was shot in September 2014 when I came to UAE. And this is second part of my timelapse about UAE (first is about Ajman
Timelapse & Edit by Kirill Neiezhmakov
e-mail: [email protected]
music: Varien – Gunmetal Black


Dubai hyperlapse



Canon 60d, 550d
Sigma 10-20 mm 4.0-5.6
Samyang 8 mm 3.5
Canon 17-55 mm 2.8
Canon 70-200 mm 4L
Vanguard Alta Pro tripod
GoPro Hero 3+
Konova Smart head

Software: Adobe Lightroom, LRTimelapse, After Effects

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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