SpeedLooks Version 4 Shows its True Colors

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We've mentioned Speedlooks several times recently and they're getting rave reviews! They asked us to also let you know about their Christmas Sale going on until January 4th with a special planet5D bonus!

LookLabs is having a Christmas sale! Beginning December 24th until January 4th, Studio LOG and Studio Linear are 25% off. As a bonus, readers of planet5D can get an additional 5% savings with this promo code: santagrades

SpeedLooks Version 4 is now available! It’s packed full of new features, updated looks, camera patches, all wrapped into two new packages. Color by LookLabs now offers SpeedLooks products in the comprehensive Studio LOG, which includes all looks and camera patches, and Studio Linear, our DSLR focused look package. Another change for version 4 is a new price structure, $199 for Studio LOG and $99 for Studio Linear.


Speedlooks - MATRIX CLEAN.jpeg

LookLabs has been hard at work expanding their library of looks. The gorgeous CLEAN looks have gained 9 new variants, giving a total 18 options to make colors crisp and vibrant. Version 4 includes a new category of looks, Artistic, which includes the stunning black and white look, NOIR, plus the addition of a Bleach By-pass, Cross-Process look and Iron, a rustic vintage look. Classic looks, BIG, GOLD, BLUE AND MATRIX are included in both packages as well.

“SpeedLooks deserves a spot in my grading toolkit permanently, I was very pleased with the final look, and most importantly, so were my clients.”

An area of focus in development of Version 4 was dynamic range. SpeedLooks Version 4 has added looks with varying dynamic range. Designed to be instantly responsive at the click of a button to keep highlights and lowlights without losing detail. The dynamic range looks included in the CLEAN variants with built in HDR, high dynamic range, NDR, neutral dynamic range, and LDR, low dynamic range. High dynamic range gives the image a minimal contrast look and low dynamic range gives the image a boosted contrast.

“LookLabs has taken the time to research how to design LUTs that match the response of film. One area they take pride in is the faithful reproduction of skin tones.” – Oliver Peters, Review Blogger, planet5D.com

Speedlooks - BIG BLEACH.jpeg

“The looks are absolutely gorgeous 🙂 I love them, great job!” – Andrei Goaga, Cinematographer, Romania

Studio LOG includes all creative and narrative looks from previous releases of SpeedLooks. This is LookLabs comprehensive grading package and includes camera patches, which are designed to achieve a visual baseline on footage in preparation for the color grade.LookLabs has taken previous camera patch technology and improved them to be more accurate than patches from previous releases.New to Studio LOG is a UNIVERSAL camera patch, which takes the place of the Rec.709 camera patches and works with all DSLR footage, including the Sony a7S and Panasonic Gh4 (it’ll even work with cell phone footage, though it’s recommend you shoot on something else).

“LookLab’s camera patches are an effective way to account for multiple camera types being used in a single production.” Karin Gottschalk – Review Blogger, planet5D.com

Studio Linear also includes all previous looks and was designed around a basic workflow; edit, apply looks, grade, complete.Perfect for any DSLR camera video and Rec. 709 footage. Studio Linear is for editors, colorists and DSLR shooters who want to get the most out of their footage and make their project look amazing without a lengthy color grade. Perfect for sports, news, commercials, corporate, wedding and music videos.SpeedLooks Studio Linear is also great when used on set for getting a consistent look on dailies.


Speedlooks - GOLD BLUE.jpeg

“I can firmly attest that SpeedLooks is not only useful working with raw footage from higher end cameras, but is also incredibly good when using H264 footage directly from DSLRs.” –Daniel Azarian, Director/Producer, New York

Good news for Adobe users, select SpeedLooks and camera patches are included in the Creative Cloud and can be used in SpeedGrade, PhotoShop, AfterEffects and Premiere Pro. This is a great way to try out SpeedLooks for free, if you want to get them all, go to www.looklabs.net

LookLabs is having a Christmas sale! Beginning December 24th until January 4th, Studio LOG and Studio Linear are 25% off. As a bonus, readers of planet5D can get an additional 5% savings with this promo code: santagrades

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