Canon 7D Mark II Review: Game Changer for Events & Sports?

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planet5D reader Frank Rohmer gives us his demo/review of the Canon 7D Mk II on YouTube, and he likes it.

Frank has been shooting with Canon gear for about five years, and he’s really chuffed about the new Canon 7D Mk II.

The “deal maker” for him, he tells us, is the “lightning fast” dual pixel auto focus tracking. “I’m convinced,” Frank says, “that this camera will quickly be known – again — as a game-changer for just about everybody from wedding videographers, sports videographers, event videographers…” [anyone] who find themselves in fast-moving, unfamiliar or unpredictable situations.

He walks through the differences between the Mark II and the original 7D, but also compares it – as most potential buyers will – to Canon’s own 70D.

The Mark II updates, he shows us, include other welcome additions like clean HDMI out, auto-triggering to external recorders (he mentions the Atomos Ninja Star specifically), headphone jack, and intervalometer.

But other updates, some will argue, are too little too late — or misprioritized (Is that even a word? It should be.).

The camera offers 60fps at full 1080p, for example (vs. the original 7D’s 60fps at 720p), but this is now bested by a number of competitors (and by the way, disables servo AI).

And while the 7D Mk II offers up a physical switch labeled “Rate,” it is not for immediate frame rate changes in video but in fact a way to mark still photographs on a 1-5 scale.

Bit of a Rorschach test, that one, on whether you lean toward video or stills – though to be fair, with no focus peaking or exposure assists on the one hand, but a crop sensor and 10fps burst rate on the other, the camera’s still photography orientation toward live events (sports and wildlife in particular) seems very clear.

When it comes to the lower-priced 70D, Frank makes the case that the autofocus of the 7D Mk II (a pair of DIGIC 6 processors vs. the a single DIGIC 5, along with 65 focus points vs. 19), and the aforementioned updates make for compelling advantages.

But he also points out that the 70D offers things the 7D Mk II doesn’t, from an articulating touch screen to integrated WiFi (photo mode only) and a significantly lower price point.

And while there are a number of wish list items Frank had that didn’t make it into the 7D Mk II (4K and EVF chief among them), Frank is clearly a big fan of the 7D Mk II and heartily recommends it as a worthy entry on anyone’s short list.

Thanks, Frank!


Canon 7D Mark II Demo-Review by Frank Rohmer

Canon 7D Mark II review

Canon 7D Mark II

From Frank Rohmer:

“Hi Mitch,
Thanks for your time today. I appreciate the tips you gave me and I look forward to utilizing them all.

Here is a short description regarding my Canon 7D Mark II review.

The Canon 7D Mark II is a powerful photography and cinematography tool that professionals can utilize to capture incredible imagery with speed and accuracy.
With it's APS-C, 20.2 megapixel sensor and dual Digic 6 image processors there's little this camera can't do.

Take a journey with Frank Rohmer, a seasoned video producer as he reveals the top features that professionals appreciate the most.

From the Dual Pixel CMOS AF capabilities, Full HD Output, Mirroring and “External Recorder Triggering”, among some of the topics covered, this short review is sure to quickly familiarize you with it's capabilities that not many other reviews are talking about.

So pull up a chair and strap your seat belt on because you are about to go for a Canon 7D Mark II test drive.

Thanks Mitch!



Canon 7D Mark II Review

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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