Atomos Ninja Star Review

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planet5D reader Frank Rohmer takes a hands-on look at the Atomos Ninja Star connected to the new Canon 7D Mk II.

You know we like the folks over at Atomos, and in fact reviewed the Ninja Star ourselves back in October.

Our takeaway? It’s a great piece of kit if it solves the particular issue you have.

But in the process — in a wonderful example of “teaching-is-learning” — we learned from you, our dear readers, a thing or two including the fact that while the Star can record in 10 bits, not only do most cameras only output in 8 bits (including not only Canon DSLRs like the 5D Mk III and 7D Mk II) but – contrary to our initial description — so do the Canon Cinema EOS C100 and C300.

And those 2 bits make a real difference under very specific shooting conditions.

Frank has created a nice complement to that review, a 10-minute video walk-through of the Ninja Star where he goes into detail on how it actually works. And in a departure from previous Canon DSLR’s, it appears in this review that the 7D Mk II includes audio in its HDMI signal out – good news for 7D Mk II owners, obviating the need for a separate audio cable.

Atomos Ninja Star Review and Demo


Atomos Ninja Star

Via Youtube Description:

Atomos has once again created an effective and affordable tool for increasing the production value of your video delivery. At an amazingly low investment any video production team can elevate the quality of their projects with the Ninja Star. This portable digital recorder connects to the output of your HD video camera via the HDMI port and will record to a superior video CODEC called ProRes. With three different ProRes options available the Ninja Star is a “No Brainer” addition while capturing video in just about any scenario.

If you're not familiar with the Atomos Ninja Star you will be after watching this short demo video. Enjoy!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Excellent Review and Demo.  Question.  Will the 7d trigger the Atomos Star to start recording by pressing the cameras start button?  if so what is menu setting or other setting to enable this feature.



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