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4K TV Sets the Surprise Holiday Gift?

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Is this the year that end consumers start demanding more 4K content?

They are predicting that this year 4K Television sets will be one of the hottest selling items over the holiday season.

In the last two years prices for 4K TV set have dropped by more than 89% and now are selling for a little over double that of a 1080 TV set.

As we all know there is a limit in the amount of 4K content available to the consumer. Also the ability to stream 4K video has been slower than content creators have wanted.

So the whole 4K debate essentially breaks down to the following factors in terms of adoption:

– Content creators shooting in 4K. Thus increasing the amount of available content for one to consume in 4K.
– Pipelines. This could range from a new DVD format, streaming over the internet or some other technology we are not yet aware of being able to reliably deliver 4K content to the end user.
– End Consumer. If 4K content is available then do they have a way to view it at home?

All three of these factors need to line up and hit a tipping point for the proliferation of 4K content creation and consumption.

Until now the consumer market has been the farthest behind. So if this is the year where there is a huge uptick in 4K tv sales does that mean the tide is changing? Let us know what you think.


Surprise holiday hit: The Ultra High-Def 4K TV


The consumer electronics industry, which has touted the system with images four times sharper than current flat-screen HD pictures, forecasts a surge in revenue this year, driven partly by 4K. Prices are down also, which could be enough to entice viewers to take the plunge and replace the HD set they bought before the recession.

In just two years, prices for the 4K declined by more than 85 percent worldwide, falling from $7,851 in 2012 to $1,120 in 2014, according to market research firm NPD. In North America the price decline was even bigger, dropping 89 percent, from $18,668 to $1,986, during the same period.

ULtra HD 4k TV


But some industry experts liken 4K to the last big breakthrough, 3-D TV, which has not caught on, and warn that it might take a few more years before there is enough 4K content to make it worth shelling out a lot of money for. Some high-end Smart TV models that have massive screens and added features, like Wi-Fi and Web browsers, have price tags over $25,000.

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