The X-Series Filters: Kickstarter Project of the Week

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Incremental improvement: most of the time, this is the bedrock of innovation. This week, we present Photography Breakthrough’s X-Series ND and UV traction filters Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter is a wellspring of optimism, charting the shortest course from entrepreneurs to customers.


With 26 days to go, the team at Breakthrough Photography has pledges totaling a shade more than 10% of their goal toward $50,000.

If you enjoy photography, cinematography or people who have entrepreneurial dreams, you might want to check ‘em out.

X-Series Traction Filters

Via Kickstarter:

The X-Series ND and UV filters resolve incredibly sharp, have ultra-slim traction frames and are completely weather-sealed

• Highest Quality Optics: Capture critically sharp images with SCHOTT B270 and AGCglass from Germany and Japan allows near 99% light transmittance. The X-Series filters have been precisely designed and engineered with the highest quality lenses in mind.

“Putting low quality glass in front of a high quality lens makes no sense” – Art Wolfe

• Traction Frame: CNC Machined no-slip Traction Frames makes taking filters on and off a snap. No more wasted time removing filters means when you use your X-Series Traction Filter you’ll have more time to capture your time sensitive shots


• Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC): State-of-the-art MRC hardens both optical surfaces, increases light transmittance, achieves true color neutrality, and maximizes contrast fidelity – while at the same time decreasing flaring and ghosting.

This means you don’t have to worry about loss of image quality – your photos are more true to life and will have more impact with your audience bringing you more satisfaction in your work… or more sales!

The X-Series Filters image 1

Nano Coatings: Our new nanotec nano coating layer protects your lens by repelling dirt, water and other elements by beading rather than absorbing. This means your X-Series Traction Filter stays crystal clear for years to come.

• Eliminates Vignetting: Machined down to 3.5mm (X2, X1) and 3.2mm (X3) to eliminate unintended and undesired optical vignetting on full-frame wide-angle setups. Again, this means your photos are more true to life and you can save time in post-production correcting optical vignetting

The X-Series Filters Image 2

Available Sizes: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm

• Completely weather-sealed construction: Residue left after evaporation can make your lens appear dirty and lead to hours of tedious cleaning and post production “spot removal.” When you’re shooting in the elements with your the X-Series Traction Filter, you don’t have to worry about moisture getting into the lens because of the weather-sealed construction.

• 25-Year Guarantee: We’re so confident in our materials that we offer an unparalleled 25-year manufacturer guarantee. If your filter gets scratched or the threads get worn, simply contact our customer support and we fix it or send you a new one.

Check out X-Series Traction Filters Kickstarter Campaign

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)


  1. Never had any use for UV filters other than reflecting the lens back into itself in bright conditions.

  2. And how are these different from what Hoya (say) offers? What will the price be?
    I see claims without demonstration or proof.

  3. William Sommerwerck As Rick mentioned below, check out our comparison table for more details. 

    In short, Hoya doesn’t actually produce their own filters, Kenko Tokina license the name for worldwide distribution. The differences start there. We actually manufacture.

    Secondly, for the same price point of a Hoya we have more than double the MRC, Nano Coating layers, weather-sealed construction, and traction frames. At the same price point as a Hoya.

    You can also call us because we’re based in San Francisco, and we’re from the USA.


  4. William Sommerwerck Hey William,

    Our X2 is our like-for-like filter with the Hoya’s. 

    • X2 has MRC8 vs. the Hoya MRC3
    • X2 has Nano coatings vs. Hoya does not
    • X2 has a 3.5mm traction frame vs. Hoya 5.2mm standard flat black (vignetting at 16mm on FF)
    • X2 is weather-sealed vs. Hoya has loose glass, not weather-sealed
    • X2 has 25 year guarantee vs. Hoya has a 1 year warranty
    • We’re based in San Francisco vs. Hoya is a multi-conglomerate that’s licensed by Kenko Tokina who outsources their support to the Philippines
    • X2 costs $49 ($30 in kickstarter) vs. Hoya’s $39.99

    As Rick mentioned below check out the comparison table for more info! And us know if you have any questions, our number is on our site and we’re on a PST timezone.


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