Magic Lantern Port to Canon 70D: Major Milestone

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Plenty of people have been clamoring to have Magic Lantern on their 70Ds. We’re delighted to report that nikfreak of Magic Lantern is on the case.

Good news for Canon 70D owners anxious to get Magic Lantern ported to their cameras: Magic Lantern developer nikfreak has gotten as far as a working port in an emulator.

No firm time line for when this will go live, but count us to keep you up to date!


70D ported in Magic Lantern



Via Magic Lantern FB Post:

nikfreak joined the dev team a while ago, and has managed to port Magic Lantern to the 70D – in an emulator. For it to run on the actual camera might take some time, but this is a very promising step for further development!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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