Genus Launches Gen X Plate

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Want to use a small DSLR body as a B camera to your full function A cam? Wouldn’t it be nice if one adjustable base plate could handle both, with their varying heights, weights and centers of gravity? GenusTech gives you just that with their new Gen X base plate.

Sometimes — even with all the reading in the world – you don’t realize you need something until it’s too late, usually the middle of a shoot. It’s called experiential learning, and it’s one reason why especially as we start out, it’s a good idea to shoot as much as possible.

So how many of you would be surprised to learn or have had the experience of tiny-bodied mirror-less and mini-DSLR’s like the GH4, A7s and SL1 – and the even smaller but very interesting and capable cameras like the a6000 — being so short that when you attach big lenses to them (e.g., a 70-200mm f/2.8, or even a 24-70mm f/2.8), you can’t  mount the combination to a quick release plate because the lens actually extends past the bottom of the camera?

That’s why the Gen X Plate is interesting. We haven't yet evaluated a unit ourselves. Anyone have experience with Genus gear?

Read more about it below.


Genus is proud to announce the release of the new Gen X Plate

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Via Genus Press:

“It’s the only base plate you’ll ever need.”

October 24, 2014

The Gen X Plate, is a revolutionary camera plate system, designed to work with wide range of camera systems. This innovative plate easily adapts to your camera support needs. Genus has designed this plate for the camera professional who needs their equipment to have the flexibility and versatility to adapt and evolve to new camera and production challenges.

Traditionally cameraman need to be equipped with a variety of support options and plates to connect to different set ups. For camera professionals who need to work fast and efficiently this could become very time consuming. This one system allows for multiple set ups and configurations, catering to large and small camera bodies. This not only saves the user money, it also saves space in the camera bag.

“It’s the only base plate you’ll ever need” says David Thoms from Genus.

Gen X Plate intakes the core Genus design principles of quality, flexibility and ease of use to the next levels. Based on an industry standard Arca Swiss Plate and the Genus Quick Release System (QR LOCK) allowing user to easily and quickly swamp between camera set ups. The QR System incorporates a safety lock for added security and confidence while shooting.

Gen X Plate

Genus Press Continued

Thoms went on to say:

“The Gen X Plate’s is designed is to easily adapt to different camera system and accessories. The removable riser posts allow for you to set the plate at the height which is right for your camera system. Whether you require a higher setups for cameras likes DSLRs, or the lower position for larger camera systems such as RED, F3 and Canon C Series cameras. The Gen X plate has your support needs covered.”

The Gen X Plate is designed to support 15mm LWS rods. Rod brackets can be added to both the front and rear of the part front and rear of the plate. The height of each bracket can be set independently. This allows for the easy configuration and adjustment of support rods for use with other accessories such as matte boxes, follow focus, cheese plates or monitors.

In addition the Gen X Plates has been designed with the flexibility to allow for horizontal offset of camera if required

About Genus
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Genus creates award winning and innovative camera products and tools for the filmmakers and videographers and photographers. Our Genustech range of camera accessories are designed and engineered to exacting standards. Our products are are extensively field tested by video and photographic professionals the most demanding environments to ensure you have the best tools. Our focus is to make innovative camera and production tools at reasonable and affordable prices.

Learn more about features and specifications of the Gen X Plate

(cover photo credit: snap from Genustech)

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