FroKnows DSLR video training for noobs and intermediates

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I know many of you need good training on shooting video with your DSLR and there have been a few courses, but frankly there hasn't been enough variety and quality. The DSLR video revolution is 6 years old and still going strong! New people are discovering DSLR video every day and many of you need to shortcut the learning process with DSLR video training.

If you've followed FroKnowsPhoto (Jared Polin), you know he's a photographer with a huge following. He's been shooting video for a while in order to share his photography knowledge on the web (youtube), but as with most of you out there learning as well, you know it can be hard.

So Fro has taken his knowledge that he's gained and is working with award winning filmmaker Todd Wolfe to give you the best of both worlds – a relative ‘noob' guide that has 4 hours of lessons from actual shoots!

I've watched this and it's well worth exploring if you're a noob or even if you've shot some video but still need help getting past the learning curve. Why waste a ton of time hunting around for “free” stuff on the web – and believe me, you'll waste a TON of time doing that and you'll find very little of value (and what you do find isn't consistent)… Experts know that getting training saves valuable time, energy, and relieves stress – and you want to be an expert right?

Fro has a different style than most and that hair is his trademark. We all know that training can be boring when done by most people – and I don't think you'll be bored here!

Visit the sales page and watch the video – you'll see great samples of Fro's style and you'll see quality demos.

The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video


What if you could take a massive shortcut and get ALL of the information you need to shoot DSLR video in a matter of days instead of years?

FroKnowsPhoto Guide DSLR video training

This DSLR video training will introduce you to our “one man band” concept which means that you will be able to:

  • Easily shoot, direct, produce, and edit videos on your own without a crew or any extra help
  • Create breathtaking videos, even if you have an entry level camera and no expensive equipment (even if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can do everything we teach)
  • Create dynamic scenes, tell inspiring stories, and capture high quality video

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This is the full 6-hour DSLR video crash course created by me (Jared Polin) and award winning filmmaker Todd Wolfe. You’ll get to learn EVERYTHING about DSLR video from start to finish including shooting, producing, editing, and directing your own videos. It doesn’t matter what type of video you want to shoot or what your skill level is right now, after watching this guide you’ll be a DSLR video machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I’m brand new to videography/photography?
A: The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video covers all of the bases, meaning that you can start creating your own high quality videos after watching this guide even if you just got your first DSLR today.

Q: What if I can’t afford the equipment?
A: We designed this guide to be applicable to any photographer/videographer, even on the most shoestring of budgets. Whenever we introduce new equipment we show you low cost alternatives all the way up to the professional equipment so there will always be an option for any budget.

Q: Do I need a camera that shoots video to learn from this?
A: No you don't need a camera that shoots video to learn from this guide but we highly recommend that you have the ability to capture video somehow with a DSLR so you can put our teachings into practice.

Q: I am a seasoned professional photographer, won't I be able to shoot video already?
A: The transition for you as a seasoned professional photographer will be much easier but the fundamentals of capturing video with your DSLR are much different than when shooting stills.

When I started shooting videos with my DSLR I thought I should set everything just like I do for stills, boy was I wrong. There are a lot of different settings that you need pay attention do that you didn’t have to with stills.

All I can say is I wish I had this guide when I first attempted to shoot video. It’s going to get you shooting quality video in no time.

Q: Do I need expensive lenses to shoot video?
A: No, if you have kit lenses to start, that is perfectly fine for learning and creating solid video. In fact, in the original FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Getting Out Of Auto Todd used a few zoom kit lenses when filming me on photo shoots.

Q: What camera was Todd using when shooting his videos?
A: Todd is using a 5 year old consumer level body in the way of the Canon 60D. This is a cropped sensor camera that sells today for only $600.

The truth of the matter is Todd still uses this consumer level camera on paying jobs which proves that it’s not always about the gear.

Q: Do you offer a one on one mentorship for learning DSLR Video?
A: As of right now we do not. In the future we may offer in person boot camps but as of now the easiest and fastest way to learn video with your DSLR is to watch this guide.

Q. What format is the DVD package in and does it come with the data disc as well?
A: The DVD's are in NTSC but most dvd and blu-ray players are able to handle multiple formats. The discs are region free as well. The DATA disc is also included in the dvd package so you get the digital files.

Read the complete details of The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video Here

You know training is important – so when you need DSLR video training, explore the Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour Guide to DSLR Video

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