FilmConvert Showcases Winners of Its Cinematography Competition 2014

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New Zealand-based film emulation software maker FilmConvert is showcasing the winners of its Cinematography Competition 2014 and what a list of awardees it is! Rather than just the usual first, second and third places, FilmConvert has added an extra third to make a total of four awards this year.

The winners are:

It is always instructive to learn how winners shoot, edit and grade their projects so here are some lists based on information provided by the winners.


NLEs, VFX and Grading Software:

FilmConvert Film Emulations:

Our heartfelt congratulations to the winners and thank you FilmConvert for your remarkable software and for your encouragement of short movie producers and directors around the world.


FilmConvert Cinematography Competition 2014

Filmconvert Cinematography Competition 2014 image

1st: Restoring the Alteo River by Mark Wyatt

Camera: BMCC
Software: Film Convert Pro – OFX Plugin
Settings: Kodak Vision 3 5207

Filmed at the Atleo River, BC, Canada on September 3rd, 2013 for The Central Westcoast Forest Society.

Writer / Producer – Drew Burke. DoP / Editor – Mark Wyatt, Vancouver Video and Film Production.


Judges Comments:
“Beautiful use of lighting and colours, all in all very well shot and edited. Nice to see Film Convert used for rich and vibrant colours too. Great use of the tool for beyond its design.” – Ben Forman

“This short has such a filmic style, it conveys the very meaning of a “cinematic” approach in every single shot. Through its bold and minimalistic shooting style that brings forth such captivating imagery it reminds me of what shooting on film was supposed to do.” – Sebastian Wöber

2nd: Through the Ground Glass by Taylor Hawkins

Camera: Canon C100
Software: Film Convert Pro – Final Cut Plugin
Settings: Kodak Vision 3 5207

A Vignette about a large format photographer.

Photographer: Joseph Allen Freeman. Producer/Co-Director: Nick Bolton. Cinematographer/Co-Director: Taylor Hawkins.


Judges Comments:
“It captures the look and soul of film not only through its stylishly consistent filmic imagery, but also through a story and character that reminds us of the beautiful inconvenience of analogue film, a creative process that could lead to cinematic perfection which we might very well have lost along the way to digital.” – Sebastian Wöber

“Beautiful and moody. Loved the Direction of this film. It felt very real and unscripted which helped inspire and entertain. The cinematography was on point and the grade was very unique, which I felt helped place me in that environment. I guess the dialogue was talking about rugged landscapes and simple shapes, which the grade helped demonstrate. I think that's pretty impressive.” – Ben Forman


3rd: The Partisan by Jevgenij Tichonov

Camera: GH4
Software: Final Cut Pro Plugin
Settings: KD P400 Ptra


Judges Comments:
“ I loved everything about this. Fantastically simple concept executed with professional cinematography, direction and edit. Beautiful colours and perfect use of Film Convert to help create the right look and feel for the film. I watched it a few times just because I enjoyed it so much. It's the type of film that I wish could have been longer, which is pretty rare these days. As a GH4 owner it excited me to see the camera performing so well. It's inspiring to know I have that capability in my arsenal.” – Ben Forman

“Well crafted expressive short. Enjoyed the accurate filmic grading and creative shooting choices that made this piece stand out.” – Sebastian Wöber


3rd: The Maasai Mara from Above by Arnold Kopff

Camera: Sony NEX-FS100
Software: Film Convert Pro – Final Cut Pro Plugin
Settings: Fuji 8553 ET


Judges Comments:
“The colours and compositions of this piece felt magical and had a cinematic power it took me away and reminded me of what filmic cinematography should be about.” – Sebastian Wöber

“Quintessential beauty, excited me about going on Safari to shoot something similar” – Ben Forman


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(cover photo credit: snap from FilmConvert)

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