DitoGear Announces New Sliders and a Turntable with 25% Pre-Order Discount

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Not only do they sport industrial-strength looks (and have the specs to back them up), Ditogear’s brand new T’rantula sliders have such a unique design that any other name just wouldn’t have cut it. And their turntable looks pretty darned robust, too.

Well-known for their professional range of motion controllers, motion kits, sliders, jib, and related accessories, Ditogear has just added a heavy-duty turntable and two really interesting sliders to their product mix for delivery later this month – with an aggressive 25% pre-order discount.

But it’s the T’rantula GO (with a maximum horizontal payload up to 35kg) and the T’rantula HD (with almost three times the load limit at 100kg) that really scream for attention.

We haven’t seen them in the metal yet – and we don’t know why they’ve been designed this way – but we’re eager to rectify both of these issues soon!

DitoGear™ launches T'rantula GO & HD motion control sliders and Spinn360 turntable

Via DitoGear Press:

DitoGear™, a company providing innovative motion control equipment, announces two new models of motion control sliders – T'rantula Go and T'rantula HD, and a motion control turntable – DitoGear™ Spinn360.

DitoGear™ T'rantula is a portable and extensible motion control slider for light to medium weight camera setups shining with a sleek design, durable build, great weight-to-performance ratio (1m unit is only 4.2kg) and providing the utmost precision that the company is known for.

DitoGear™ T’rantula HD is an extensible motion control slider for medium to extreme weight camera setups up to 150kg (300lbs) created to fulfill the needs of crews working with heavier and top-range camera setups.

Both new sliders are a great foundation for building multi-axis motion control and are compatible with all existing DitoGear™ motion controllers including state-of-the-art DitoGear™ Evolution with a keyframe based graphic user interface allowing to design sophisticated multi-axis camera moves in the matter of seconds.


DitoGear Press Continued

DitoGear™ Spinn360 is a new motion-controlled turntable supporting payloads up to 100kg. It allows for precise motion control across live-action cinematography, VFX, timelapse and stop-motion animation. Spinn360 can be controlled with all DitoGear™ motion controllers and integrates with DZED Systems Dragonframe like all other DitoGear™ products.

“We’re so excited! T'rantula Go – a fruit of all our past experience with portable sliders is finally here. T'rantula HD also has high chances for success since there’s not much choice in terms of portable motion control devices supporting higher payloads (say from a beefy RED Epic setups to film cameras and stereo rigs). I am sure the Spinn360 will be well received by our customers poking us for such product in the last few years, but also for other content creators around the world.” – says Patryk Kizny, partner at DitoGear™ responsible for the company marketing.


● The products are already available on preorder with special introductory pricing at www.ditogear.com and ship by the end of November 2014.

Introductory pricing

DitoGear™ T'rantula Go – starting at $1825
DitoGear™ T'rantula HD – starting at $3500
DitoGear™ T'rantula Spinn360 starting at $975

Learn more and preorder at www.ditogear.com.

Visit DitoGear™ Motion Control Equipment online store at ditogear.com/store

T’rantula GO

Check product details HERE



T’rantula HD

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Check product details HERE


(cover photo credit: snap from DitoGear)

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