Movidiam: Linkedin Meets Project Management at the Intersection of Video Production

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YouTube and the iPhone are just two of many proof points that the means of filmmaking production have become widely available to the masses. But between the masses and the Hollywood elite, a vibrant middle ground of dedicated, creative and highly skilled filmmakers has developed. Movidiam co-founders George Olver and Alex Vero want to help this segment take their business to the next level in a profound win/win for them and their clients.

Yeah, sure: everybody’s kid brother can now make corporate videos, wedding videos, and Super Bowl commercials for under $500.

Not really.

But it IS true that individuals or small teams with dedication, passion and skill can now create breathtakingly beautiful work for a small fraction of the cost of traditional film production companies, thanks to breakthrough improvements in price and performance of everything from cameras to non-linear editing tools (I just watched Hitchcock's TO CATCH A THIEF with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly for the umpteenth time, and suggest you check it out: it could have been filmed with an iPhone, a tripod and a MoVI, helicopter extra.  Oh, yeah — and Cary Grant and Grace Kelly).

Yet while crowdsourcing film production fired the imagination of a number of people — and for a brief moment burned brightly at a number of startups and in a number of national advertiser test campaigns –they’ve begun to flame out over the last year or so due to mismatched expectations and incentives.

Movidiam may have just cracked the code, and it begins with an emphatic “we’re not about crowdsourcing,” from George.

Rather, Movidiam is a cloud-based platform which might best be thought of as a mash-up of a Linkedin (the hugely successful social network built for professionals) dedicated exclusively to filmmakers and commissioners –and a project management/collaboration overlay that that allows them, once they’ve found each other, to work together directly, throughout the full lifecycle, on real and appropriately budgeted projects.

It is not, George asserts emphatically once again, a pitch-fest: it is, rather, giving visibility to great filmmakers – and transparency to the entire process.

The company has not yet launched their platform, but the interest in it is nothing short of phenomenal.

“We’re thrilled,” George says, “by the number of people who have gotten what we want to do; we think it’s a good indicator that filmmakers understand that a lot of processes are ad hoc and need something better.”

How many people?

“We’ve had tens of thousands of people register for updates from 148 countries,” George continues.


George and Alex expect their beta to go live later this year. In the meantime, you can sign up to keep abreast of the latest developments here.

We’ll be watching along with everyone else, and wish them great success.

What is Movidiam?

Via Movidiam:

Movidiam is a creative network that allows brands, agencies and filmmakers across the globe to connect, collaborate and create incredible films. We are reimagining the way films are created.

Movidiam Profile Page

Movidiam Profile Page


BRANDS – search through our extensive network of agencies, production companies and freelance filmmakers to find the right fit for the project.

AGENCIES – create profiles for free, collaborate with our network of talented freelance filmmakers and manage projects seamlessly by streamlining the production process from concept to completion. Result: spend less time organising and more time creating.

FILMMAKERS – profile for free, showcase your portfolio, find work through enhanced visibility, connect with opportunities across the globe and get paid through our secure payment system.


Movidiam Project Page

Movidiam Project Page



Why Movidiam?
With paradigm-shifting technologies and the DSLR revolution, the filmmaking process has been radically and permanently democratised. A new opportunity has arrived for creative freelance filmmakers, dynamic agency producers and ambitious marketers looking for a more effective, streamlined and creative way of making films.


Movidiam Connections Page

Movidiam Connections Page

We are living in a connected and mobile world where the traditional agency model is challenged, where remote freelancing is becoming the norm and where the demand for brands to create a constant stream of quality films has dramatically increased. We believe that connecting this network of professionals with global opportunities and providing them with streamlined and collaborative production features, built specifically for filmmaking, will create a truly unique community and platform for the production of incredible films.

Who are the founders?
We’re George Olver (@georgeolver) and Alex Vero @alexandervero), founders of Movidiam, and we have over twenty collective years of experience working in film production, from the grassroots of becoming masters at making coffee in post-production houses to producing films for top agencies and brands around the world. We have lived and breathed the transformation of the film industry and we feel that this is only the start of a very exciting journey.

(cover photo credit: snap from Movidian)

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