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We have posted on Magic Lantern in the past ranging from new releases, features being added and results of shooting in RAW vs the standard h.264 video files. Many posts and discussions are about how to format cards and get Magic Lantern to work on your Canon camera of choice.  What we haven't covered much about is the post side of things once you have captured your video.  We recently found a post by Jason Bowdach exploring the post production side that is often ignored when covering Magic Lantern.

What is said about post is usually it will take much longer and the workflow isn't as easy. Even with this said there is very little detail on the post workflow.

I myself have tried a few different workflow options while working with MLV files.   Frankly haven't found a solution that I feel is easy enough for faster turnaround productions I work on.

That seems to have changed with Jason's post. He outlines a workflow to take your MLV files directly to Prores 444 files ready to edit. He also discusses adding a LUT, color space or Gamma Curve either before your edit or waiting until color correction. The ability to apply a look quickly for faster turnaround productions that don't have time for a full color grade is huge for me.

I am going to test out his workflow on my next production and see if it works for a wider range of productions. Check out his post as it is very simple and laid out step by step from start to finish. Also don't worry if you are a Mac or a PC (or even a Linux) person as it works truly across all platforms.

Check it out and let us know if the workflow improves upon your current workflow. Happy shooting!

The Easy Way to Use Magic Lantern RAW

Via Cinetic Studios:

While some people still believe Magic Lantern and RAW recording on Canon DSLR cameras is hacky, unproven, and unusable in any type of “production” fashion, I’m here to show you how they aren’t. You just need to know what to expect and be slightly prepared.

Here are a few things you can expect when shooting Magic Lantern RAW:

1. You will need a massive amount of hard drive storage on set. Each hour will eat up around ~350-400GBs, depending on the exact resolution & if sound is recorded. Make sure you have a few HDDs.

2. You SHOULD have a DIT on set who does nothing but offload cards and check the MLV files, if the production has the budget or you can wrangle someone to handle this very important task.

3. Each card will only hold between 11-22 min of footage, so you will be switching cards quite a bit. Think of it like you are shooting film, and you have to plan more carefully. It may be a limitation and CAN kill time, but not if you plan around it. Bring a least 3 1000x CF cards and\or have an organized and efficient cycle of downloading the CF cards to avoid too much downtime.

4. While the camera could have the occasional “crash”, no need to panic, as cycling the camera on\off or pulling the battery will almost always fix it. Some models (5D Mark II, III) are far more stable than others (7D). This article is written from the perspective of working with the least stable model, and I’ve had only a few issues.


I’ve tested numerous applications, workflows, and suggested processing techniques until I figured out what worked best for me. Having recently shot several terabytes of Magic Lantern RAW 2.0 (MLV) files on my Canon 7D in the last month, I needed an easy workflow that would allow for a quick turnaround to create files for ingest & logging in Adobe Prelude, editorial in Premiere Pro and color correction in DaVinci Resolve. Here is the workflow I came up with, and it happens to be universal for both Mac, PC. and Linux:

Continue reading at Cinetic Studios “The Easy Way to Use Magic Lantern RAW”

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