4k video now or later?

4k Video Now or Later? New FREE ebook

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We're all wondering whether we should be shooting 4k Video and there are a huge number of reasons both for and against shooting in 4k.

So, several months ago (just as I was getting hit with kidney stones – which put me off of creating many things for a while – but now they're gone so I'm ‘working' well again) I posted on twitter and facebook that I was looking for opinions on whether people are shooting 4k Video or if they're not, and why.

Just like our “HDSLR Revolution is over… right?” ebook, we've put together over 30 responses we received about 4k Video and we're giving this new ebook away for FREE – all you have to do to get this 4k ebook and the other 4 ebooks in the bundle is to subscribe to our planet5D daily email list.


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4k Video Now or Later promo

I put together this short video to promote the new ebook with a new tool I have… what do you think?

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4k Video right for you?

If you missed out on the opportunity to be included in the ebook, you've of course still got the opportunity to sound off in the comments down below!

Are you shooting 4k video? Why or why not?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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