What features do you want in the next DSLR Video camera?

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Several years ago, we published a very popular survey asking people what they wanted in their next DSLR video camera (see the top 5 answers here)

With photokina and rumors of a new Canon 7D mark ii right around the corner as well as possible new sony cameras, we thought it was time to ask what you want in a DSLR video camera (sometimes we used to call them HDSLRs – is that still valid?).

So Barry Andersson and I put together this poll with about as many important features as we could think of (hopefully we didn't miss anything major HA) – and these are mainly video aspects. The prior poll included some photography kinds of things, but we wanted to keep this clean. Everyone knows there are some great photography cameras and we should put together a poll for that too – but for now, this is all about video.

And remember, this isn't about “video cameras” – it is specifically targeted at what you want in a DSLR form factor (tho there is an option to tell us you're sick and tired of the dslr form factor LOL).

What do you want in your next DSLR video camera?

We've set it up so you can pick your TOP 5 – so pick as many as you want (up to 5).
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We'll be posting the results in a week or so – but please also use the twitter / facebook buttons at the top of the post and share this DSLR video camera poll with your friends so we can get the widest variety of responses please!

Oh, and sound off in the comments about what you think is really going to come out in the next camera.


  1. You forgot one hugely important feature, the ability to control the camera and ALL it’s functions from a smartphone, including preview. GoPro can do it with a matchbox surely Canon and Nikon can figure it out.

  2. Yeah. I’m personally using Canon of my all activates and any of my commercial productions stills or video.Because canon confident to my works for me. but Technically, Canon is way bit backwards. they are still making bodies with old 18MP sensor and marked as new XXXD bodies with only few features updates. (I’m personally using XD and XXD bodies.)
    The main missing piece for me is higher bitrate recording and Higher framerate video capture. they still missed those features in their bodies for film makers. Even Nikons they introducing 1080p 60p on their newest all bodies. But canons still limited the 30p for 1080p. Even iphone 5S recording 120fps in 720p. Not iphone 6 can record 240fps in 720p mode. with Filmic pro we can hit higher bit rates also. 
    Nothing can do for Magic lantern for higher frame rate recording like 120fps or 240fps in 720p mode or 1080p mode. Canon need to make their mechanism richer to hit that target. because pocket sized iphone offers 120 and 240fps reasonably quality recordings.

    Cheers . .!

  3. It’s never going to work like a “real” movie or video camera until you can control video on/off from the pan head handle.

  4. A 5D mark iii with dual pixel AF and raw video or at least a much higher bitrate, would be hard to beat as stills/video camera.

  5. I voted for the current top 5 – woop woop! Low light, HDR and RAW most important to me. Didn’t have an option for sensor size though – full frame please!

  6. To be honest it’s not as important as the top 5, I don’t think. For starters I’d have to buy more expensive wide lenses 😉 but that aesthetic…

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