Is this a New Low Price Record? PROAIM Introduces 32ft Jib Crane for $1,100

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Aggressively priced jib crane package supports up to 46 lbs of camera.

 Holy smokes, is this market interesting or WHAT?

ProAim must be setting some kind of lowest cost per foot record with its just-announced ProAim 32ft Base Kit.  $1,100 gets you an 8-section (4’ each) jib/crane; a tripod stand, and a floor dolly.

Full disclosure: I’ve not seen the thing in the metal, and I’ve never used anything remotely that big, so I really can’t comment on its function.

But in an era where sub-$1,000 cameras can compete – in the right hands, IN THE RIGHT HANDS! – with cameras costing ten times as much, it is not inconceivable that the same kind of value is possible in jib crane.

Would really love to hear from any of you who have used the ProAim gear.  What do you think?

PROAIM 32ft Base Kit – The Professional Camera Jib Crane

(Proaim Wave-5P 32ft Jib with W5-STD stand and D-37 Tripod Dolly) (P-W5P-Base)

From Press Release:

PROAIM 32ft Base Kit Most Affordable and Fully Featured Production Package.

World’s Best 32ft JIB That Combines Best In Fluidity & Stable Motion Shots!

User friendly kit, ideal for field or multi camera productions. It’s lightweight, portability and flexibility allows you to modify each shot to your production’s needs and to your own shooting style. The convenient & unique design of the unit allows for shots from as high as 32ft while still collapsing to convenient travel and storage size of just 4ft.

PROAIM 32ft Base Kit image 1

Additional accessories such as Tripod stand and D-37 Floor Dolly lets you convert into longer event style camera crane.

• High quality jib unit is attractive and sturdy enough to support all types of cameras up to 21kg.

PROAIM 32ft Base Kit image

• Deal complex motion with ease by using the jib in conjunction with tripod and floor dolly.
• Occupies less space for travel, storage and use in tight spaces, but still reach heights of 32ft at full extension.
• Perfect for high or very low shots, or for shots that require the camera to move to a great distance horizontally or vertically.

PROAIM 32ft Base Kit image 8
PROAIM 32ft Base Kit image 9

• Speed of set-up & ease to use allow it immediately integrate into your projects seamlessly.
• LCD monitor can be easily added to view live footage.
• Break down into smaller pieces to facilitate easier travel.

PROAIM 32ft Base Kit image 10

• Everything is packed in storage case to give convenience during shooting transitions

Hurry up! Try it! And get 100% satisfaction!

Exceptional Jib. Exceptional Price.

We have 4 Innovative combos for Budget Film Makers – Proaim Flight Package, Proaim Glory Package.

For more information about Proaim products, check out our website

(cover photo credit: snap from Flycamdslr)


  1. I’d really be worried about the quality of the metal against strain, cracks etc, and the fittings to lock tightly etc. A 32′ jib has to carry a LOT of weight at the other end, in addition to it’s own weight.  This is a safety thing..

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