What Would be a “Big Splash” by Canon at Photokina Next Month?

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Being a gearhead – a blogging gearhead at that – is fun,
fascinating and sometimes frustrating.

I guess a bit like everything else.

We love Canon; we’re exasperated by Canon. We’re enthralled with Sony and Panasonic and Blackmagic…Fuji, Nikon, Pentax… but then: hey, wait a minute, they each have their own sets of issues and tradeoffs.

So when we came across this provocatively headlined post over at CanonRumors – including a good probability of Canon unveiling their 7D replacement with “a lot of the 1D X” in it — we wondered: does that include 4K?

And if it doesn’t, would anything they announce be a big splash – or nary a ripple in the pond?

More importantly, what do YOU think? What would take Canon’s new product announcements next month move from “ho-hum” to “holy smokes”?

Canon to Make a Big Splash at Photokina?

Via Canon Rumors:

We’re told there are tons of new DSLR products coming for Photokina this September. The announcement for the new stuff should happen on September 4th or 5th, depending on where you are in the world. Our source has mentioned a DSLR body as well as a host of lenses for various budgets.

Canon to Make a Big Splash at Photokina

What will be announced?
First up, the successor to the EOS 7D will be announced. We’re told that there’s “a lot of the 1D X” in the new camera. As well as some revolutionary sensor technology.

What about lenses?
We’re getting more confirmations that the EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS will be replaced by a new version with a rotating zoom instead of the push/pull design that the lens currently uses. It looks like Canon India is teasing a new “big” lens on their Facebook page.

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  1. I’d be shocked if any new camera Canon introduces doesn’t include 4K.  I’m loving my GH4 and can’t imagine NOT having the ability to shoot in 4K (and have been selling my Canon gear).  I have to laugh when I see folks post comments like “I don’t need 4K.”  They are showing their ignorance (or unwillingness to admit that they currently own a very expensive paper weight).  It’s not about finishing in 4K.  4K – particularly when the file sizes are as manageable as the GH4 – offers so much flexibility in production and post.  I can’t believe a company like Canon that led the way in DSLR video hasn’t mandated that every new offering include 4K.  I can only imagine its because they figure there are still plenty of people saying “Why? I don’t have a 4K television!”  If the new 7D Mark II includes 4K, less noise and better dynamic range I’ll take it seriously.

  2. Months ago I posed a question to a DP with much experience (and talent) with c100, c300, and mark3 cameras. The question – “What prevents Canon (or Magic Lantern) from releasing a firmware update that allows 4K on a mark3?” He did not know, but was intrigued by the concept. The sensor has enough pixels (I think). Canon could provide the update (even charge for it) and sell a zillion more mark3s. Surely the software would be much less expensive for them than creating/converting a production line What do you think?

  3. Director Bob Now, frankly, I do NOT expect Canon to put 4k on their next camera realistically. They don’t think the market needs it yet. Honestly, very few people are using 4k.

  4. planetMitch Director Bob Seems like many companies and producers are shortsighted if they are thinking 4K production is all about finishing in 4K.  The “businessman” part of me hopes you are correct because it means I’ve got a good lead on my competition and plenty of advantages to offer my clients.

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  6. I think it is highly likely the 7DmkII will have 4K. Mostly because Canon doesn’t update these cameras very often. They aren’t going to want this series of cameras to ride for several years without 4K while the competition eats their lunch. 
    The bigger question is, internal or external recording? I assume internal. That just seems like something Canon would want to do. 
    Let’s just also hope it has a mic and headphone jack and less moire.

  7. Nobody seems to think “big splash” could lead to some sort of underwater-capable camera? You know, of the likes that maybe 2% of the market needs?

  8. A big splash would be sensor technology that meets or exceeds what Sony is doing.  The 7D was an exciting camera for it’s time and I suspect what the next generation will be exciting.  However, many Canon shooters are hoping to see this as the start of a line of new sensors that will allow Canon to be on par with the Sony 7R and Nikon 810. More aggressive pricing is always exciting and a contender in the mirroless market would be really exciting

  9. My general understanding is that the 7dii will NOT have 4k but will have DualPixelAF (maybe updated.) Hopefully, it will retain the spot focusing of the original 7d and have more focus points.Currently, it has 19, the same as the 70D.

    As an aside, I have both the GH4 and the 70d and, in my testing, at least, the 70d’s servoAF in video was way better than the GH4. On near subjects, the GH4 often refused   to shift focus from far to near (but not that close). So far, I am somewhat disappointed. Also, there is not a convenient way to keep focus from jumping around when you don’t want it to while you can tap the servo AF on the 70d to disable it when you want to.

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