Things That Drive Me Crazy About The Sony A7s

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I’ve had the Sony A7s for about a month and It’s a fun camera with some great features, but I just can’t seem to get comfortable with it and a few things just frustrate me. Please understand that this is all my opinion and if you disagree with them that’s fine. I’m not a fanboy just a guy who loves cameras. I paid full price for the Sony A7s with the Metabones adapter. That comes to $2900.00. To me that seems like a lot of money. More on this later.

I’m lucky to also have the GH4 and had the GH3 and GH2 before it and I liked them. Panasonic kept making each camera release better and better. Since I’m going to keep the GH4 and that decision was made before I had the A7s I started to ask myself if the A7s is a camera I need?

So why on earth am I writing this? Maybe it’s like therapy. I’m talking it out trying to get a handle on how I feel. Sounds a little crazy but what the heck!

Here are the reasons why i’m on the fence with the A7s. I’m not going into every feature I like since this isnt a review. I’m actually still working on that. This is only covering the stuff that gets in my way and makes it hard for me to want to keep the camera. Don’t get me wrong. The A7s has some really nice features so dont get mad at me for having issues with what I feel are weaknesses. 😀

First and foremost. The price. It has to be worth it. I’m in for $2900 and can’t shoot 4K yet. Yes I actually bought the A7s more for video than for stills but if the camera was great at stills with the lenses I have then that would sway me. I love the full frame look especially with stills. Full Frame with video is cool too but S35 is still my preferred sensor size. Focusing is easier at wide apertures. The crazy strong shallow depth of field can be interesting but sometimes too much with full frame.

Sony A7s Lenses

Camera bodies come and go but lenses can last forever. I have a pretty decent collection of Canon EF mount lenses that go with my 5D, 70D, C100 and C300. I’m a Canon EF mount guy when it comes to lenses. In order to use my EF lenses I purchased the electronic enabled Metabones EF to E Mount adapter for $399. It works well if you don’t use auto focus. For video I can live with that. Stills is another issue.

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With the Metabones adapter the camera hunts like crazy before it locks in. I can focus manually faster and if the subject is moving forget it. This makes the A7s as my walk around camera a deal breaker. One more thing about the Metabones adapter is it looses contact with the camera and the lens a lot. The screen goes black and you have to take the lens off or at least unlock and retwist it back. This gets very annoying after it happens several times and it does happen frequently. I’m not sure if this issue can be fixed by the user with some kind of firmware update. On a side note I’m hoping Metabones will release a Canon EF to Micro Four Thirds adapter for the GH4. If they do I sure hope it will work better than this one does. Even with the issue I feel it’s worth having so I can use my EF lenses with the fun reset twist action.

With some of the issues using EF lenses I was thinking about purchasing native Sony lenses. I started looking into them and the reviews are pretty good and people say the autofocus is too. Now I already have issues with the price of the camera with the Metabones adapter. Now I’m looking at throwing a couple more grand at it with lenses? This isnt going to be pretty. Okay lets take a look.

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