Get Super Early Bird Discounts at The CineBootCamp – The Highest Rated DSLR Filmmaking Workshop

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Yep, we love the gear.

But what I think so many of us really love are the challenges of interacting with and mastering the gear, learning from the gear,
and, above all – seeing the results of that process come alive on the screen.

And for this, there is no substitute for hands-on, immersive experiences taught live, in real time, by passionate, accomplished pros.

That’s a whole bunch of commas for just two sentences.

No matter.

And as distinct from love, I suspect the ultimate joy for so many of us is the collaborative process – working with like-minded, creative people in pursuit of these objectives.

So: take one dollop of joy, mix with an immersive learning experience, and perhaps you end up with something like Fletch Murray’s CineBootCamp.

Fair warning: I’ve not attended one myself. Yet.

But with this written, Fletch has a stellar client list, an Emmy for his cinematography, and a 28-year track record as the president of The Association, the group of people responsible for – among other things — putting on the CineBootCamps.

A quick perusal of his site yields what I suspect is an especially interesting tidbit for a number of you, our dear readers: a recognition – and training built around that recognition — that still photographers coming to video have a profoundly different starting point and perspective than people brought up in motion pictures.

Count me among them.

Fletch currently has early bird pricing for his boot camps coming up later this summer and into the fall; the discounts are significant. For those of you who’ve already attended one of his programs, let us know what you think. For those of you who haven’t, it’s worth a wander over to his site to peruse the offerings.

The CineBootCamp Difference

Sign up today at discount prices to help pay your airfare and hotel OR spend the savings on your camera.

FOR THE Aug 30 & 31st CineBootCamp

$ 799. Super Saver Price until August 7, 2014

$1,299. Early Bird price until August 14, 2014

$1,499. after August 20, 2014

For more info, go to:

FOR THE Sept 27 & 28th CineBootCamp

$ 799. Super Saver Price until Aug. 27, 2014

$1,299. Early Bird price until Sept 17, 2014

$1,499. after Sept 17, 2014

For more info, go to:

For the Oct. 25 & 26th CineBootCamp

$ 799. Super Saver Early Bird Price until Sept. 25, 2014

$1,299. Early Bird price until Oct. 15, 2014

$1,499. after Oct. 15, 2014

For more info, go to:

Pro Level I – Day One

Your questions come first. We review all the confusions and questions you have about the Canon HDSLR. We customize our curriculum to the interests of the students (in each class).

The following topics are covered:

  • Proper menu set-up for filming
  • How to use histograms, do custom white balance and fast focusing techniques.
  • Pragmatic “production-proved methods to shoot your film.
  • Hands-on drills until you're smooth and confident.
  • Our recommendations for good audio.
  • The simple key to great lighting.
  • Camera support systems.
  • What cards to use and which cards to avoid.
  • How to offload your card.
  • The key elements to good green screen production.
  • The “Book of Boo-Boos” others have made filming with HDSLRs.
  • Mystical stuff that happened to us in filmmaking.

At the end of the class you take an exam, which you must pass 100%, then you graduate. So far, everyone has graduated!

Pro Level II – Day Two

Watch videos created from footage taken by Pro Level II Classes

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