First Impressions: RED Epic Dragon Sensor

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Wanna get frustrated?

Try watching an 18-stop dynamic range test of the RED Epic Dragon shooting in 6K delivered via HD over the web.

This is certainly no knock on the good folks at Magnanimous Media (a high-end rental house in Chicago) who produced the test.

It’s just me griping about gear again (my own) – and maybe middle-aged eyes.

You know you’re supposed to be seeing something awesome. And you can, kind of (I know this is grammatically awful, but somehow it just fits) – yet pixelation and the limitations of one's own screen make it difficult to truly know what it is that you’re

I thought I could discern as much as 15 stops of range – and sometimes I thought I saw even more – but I also thought I saw an inverted U-function in the highlights, and sometimes I thought I was imagining anything beyond 14.

Irrespective of what I saw, DxOMark just ranked the sensor in the RED Epic Dragon the new number 1, the first to crack 100 on their overall sensor score.

I don’t know if my head hurts from my glasses, the theory of dynamic range, or because I need to stop thinking about all of this stuff and just go out and make films.

Must have been some kind of telepathy going on, because the next Magnanimous Media link I clicked on (this time to download a file) was a series of Chicago street scenes using various RED profiles both graded and ungraded.


Red Epic Dragon – First Look – Magnanimous Media

Via Vimeo Description:

Jonah Rubash takes the Magnanimous Epic Dragon out for its first spin and checks out RedGamma 4. (Download for the Best Results)

Red Epic Dragon – Dynamic Range – Magnanimous Media

Via Vimeo Description:

18-stop greyscale shot with with Epic Dragon in 6K 5:1 and rendered in RedLogFilm. (Download for the best results.)

Magnanimous Media offers video production equipment for rental; the Canon C500 and Sony F55 to Wireless Lavs and Light Kits we have all the essentials at a great price. To book some gear, email us at [email protected].

(cover photo credit: snap from the videos)

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