Brilliant GoPro Mashup from 178 clips as Rorshach Test

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From the music to the edits to the footage itself – wow. You want to see lives fully lived in a way unimaginable a decade ago? Just watch this four minutes and 57 seconds of personal fulfillment and joy, courtesy of GoPro, GoPro users, and Luc Bergeron, the editor.

It really is spectacular.

Or – if you find yourself contemplating the world at the bottom instead of the top, the world of genocide in the Middle East; natural resource-driven conflict and the Ebola epidemic in Africa; climate change; race relations in Ferguson, Missouri, or our own dysfunction in Washington D.C., – you may NOT want to watch it because it seems trivial by comparison.

Or maybe you need to watch it, just to recover your equilibrium.

What the HECK was in my coffee this morning?

This is not a criticism of the film or anyone associated with it. I love it (especially aero-pooch at 0:37) and admire everyone involved in the making of it. They are brilliantly alive and competent, each clip an affirmation of the passion and love that life can bring.

But the volume and speed of one very personal and astoundingly beautiful, funny and/or physically challenging scene after another caused some kind of intellectual/emotional ricochet in my brain, and made me think of how far away from this so much of our fellow humanity lives.

And for them, I grieve.

Yeah, I know: that and $2.50 will get you a short latte at Starbucks.

The Fanatic Trailer – Zapatou

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The list of 178 videos used for this compilation:

Editing and Selection: Zapatou (Luc Bergeron)
Facebook page:
Facebook personnal:

Music: Overwerk – Exist
Official site:

GoPro Channel:

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