GH4, A7s “Just Stomped on my 5D3 and 70D”

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Dan Watson over at has done a nice video review of the GH4 and A7s. He takes a holistic view of the two and picks a winner (punch line: GH4 in a well-reasoned and reasonable argument), but here’s the even bigger punch line:

“Both of these cameras have redefined my view of what video should look like in cameras of this price range…They have both just stomped on my canon 5D3 and 70D so hard that it’ll be nearly impossible for me to pick them up and begin video shooting after seeing the quality that these two cameras are able to generate.”


The one caution I’d offer, however, is that when Dan talks about the advantages of the GH4’s smaller sensor coupled with the Metabones SpeedBooster – compared to the dearth of high speed zoom glass for the full frame A7s at the moment – he seems not to take into account aperture equivalency.

Thus when he talks about using the Metabones SpeedBooster with a Sigma 18-35/1.8 he calculates that it's being turned into a 29-57mm f 1.2 equivalent.

Up to a point.

The Metabones SpeedBooster for M43 cameras makes lenses wider by a factor of .7x, so first the Sigma becomes a 13-25mm 1.3.

But this in turn must be multiplied by the GH4 crop factor for 4K of 2.2, yielding the full frame equivalent of a 29-55  — and a true, DOF-equivalent maximum aperture of f/2.8.

Still, it is an honest and forthright piece, and worth the watch as Dan covers real-world workflow, lens selection, high ISO, LCD articulation, and a number of other pragmatic decision points (along with a very interesting comparison I'd not seen before about the WiFi remote applications) which leads him to the GH4.

Well done, Dan!

Panasonic GH4 vs Sony A7s Review – 4k vs ISO


On these cameras, both are geared towards videography and thus both come equipped with all the standard features one would expect such as manual audio control, focus peaking, zebras, and a ton of other more advanced options. The GH4 is able to shoot 1080p at up to 96fps while the A7s is limited to a more normal 60fps at 1080p or 120fps at 720p. The GH4 is also able to shoot 4k internally while the A7s can only use this via HDMI output with a recorder that is not yet available, costs $2000, and is bulky enough to make handheld recording at 4k not a great option. This is a huge win for the GH4 as 4k is the future for a format standard, but also has many applications now allowing for cropping or framing in post as well as digital stabilization without any loss of quality. Both may offer the same level of control but the GH4 feels a bit more logical with its layout and actually offers more custom buttons than the Sony. I’m also a fan of the touch screen LCD as it allows me to change all my settings without making any noise or risk of moving the camera. The LCD also adjusts to every level on the GH4 and makes it easier to use for filming yourself or filming from the side. I find this extremely useful and I’m a big fan of this ability. Now while both cameras offer Wi-Fi, the Sony app only allows for start stop of video recording while the GH4 basically gives you access to all the controls you would have on the camera and even the ability to focus and shift focus points from a remote location. This makes it much better for use as a b camera or on a dolly where it may not be easy to reach the camera controls.

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  1. Yes, it looks like he was referring to the light equivilant of the Metabones not the Aperture equiv. I rarely shoot video wider than f2.8 anyway with 5D and most of the time the only reason I do is to not shoot at high ISO not because I really want DOF that narrow. Great review though. He also has a comparison directly with the A7s and 5D:

  2. Just upgraded from a 5D3 to the a7s myself, and it definitely does “stomp” on the Canon DSLR’s. Been using the GH4 too, but my choice is the a7s. Full frame and clean picture at insanely high ISO’s is a winner to me where to GH4 starts to fall apart after ISO 1600.

    Here’s a little test with a7s

  3. Just upgraded from a 5D3 to the a7s myself, and it definitely does “stomp” on the Canon DSLR’s. Been using the GH4 too, but my choice is the a7s. Full frame and clean picture at insanely high ISO’s is a winner to me where to GH4 starts to fall apart after ISO 1600.

    Here’s a little test with the a7s

  4. It seems the Sony is overexposed in the comparison shots, making it hard to discern true resolution and color.  Are you using the same lens on both?  

    A couple points that werent brought up: The A7S has the wonderful s-log installed giving much wider dynamic range in gamma but also the sensor has a higher native dynamic range than the gh4.  

    One more point is the fact many people utilize several cameras like myself.  I use an F55 plus an EA50 and NEX5n which are all similar in menus, color gamuts, file types, and lens mounts…making the a7s much better for us.

    I know the A7S capture the whole 4k image off the sensor and downcoverts to 1080p interally…but I’m thinking the GH4 does not.  For some reason the GH4 1080p mode looks alot less sharp than the A7s in my testing.  Again can’t tell in this comparison.  There’s a reason why when you shoot in 4k and export in your editor to 1080p looks sharper than the 1080p native mode.

  5. It seems Canon has chosen not to compete in video or high megapixel cameras and will continue to pump out stuff with the same tired sensor line.  Not sure what they are thinking.  One hopes, or continues to hope, that Canon has something worthwhile just around the corner. If not they will start to lose serious market share to cameras with Sony sensors.  Nikon now makes the best DSLR, Sony the best full frame, Sony the best video cameras and everybody else on mirroless cameras.  Canon is behind the technology curve on every  front.  Not sure how much longer they can keep this up before it starts to hurt the bottom line.  I am heavily invested in Canon but have not spent a dime on their stuff in the last year.  I just keep saving and saving and when I feel the need to upgrade it will be time to switch loyalty unless Canon has a compelling replacement for my 5DIII.  Take my money Canon……or not

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