Controversial Fireworks Filmed with a Drone: Dazzling or Dangerous?

by Barry Andersson5 Comments

Hope you all had a great 4th of July.

I don't know where to begin with this video.

I'll start by saying this is one video that the new perspective is truly beautiful at times.

Another thing I will say is I am getting tired of hearing about drones. Did you hear me? I am getting sick of hearing about them and seeing video after video (most that impressive) and having them take over the sites I read.

So for that I apologize I am contributing to that increase of drone noise.

I know a huge thing right now is what is the FAA going to do to set the rules for using drones. I have a hard time knowing where to begin with my thoughts.

Clearly the FAA needs to first and foremost make sure drone usage doesn't interfere with commercial or the often forgotten hobby air traffic.

Another wish I have is to find a way to set rules where the dumbest of society can't hurt the masses. However, that is easier said than done. Every year I read a story on how some drunk person takes their SUV and plows into a group of people at a parade or something.

I think a good idea is for all of us to educate ourselves if we choose to fly a drone and try to hold those of us using drones accountable if they are doing something safe. It never hurts to call someone out if you see them doing something dangerous.

However, in a ton or areas all over the country it is very safe and easy to use drones. I don't have any solutions that I can offer on a grand scale by any means. I am just going to recommend a long forgotten tip- use common sense. I know many of us believe society has lost the idea of common sense. But hey, I'm an eternal optimist. Happy shooting.

Fireworks filmed with a drone

Via Youtube Description:

Flying through a firework show with a DJI Phantom 2 and filming it with a GoPro Hero 3 silver. The quad was not damaged

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Agreed Mitch, I’m getting sick of drones and Movi and all the things I can’t afford.

  2. As a cinematographer, I embrace the new technology of drones. I feel that the FAA is taking their time to ensure that proper procedures are being followed, and people understand the value and rules that entail. Although most can have access to a drone, not everyone will have the capability to use it. It will take time, commitment, and training. With that being said, I don’t feel like it will fall in the hands of the reckless with the amount of money at stake. It is exciting to have a new technology to create aesthetically beautiful shots without being as evasive OR expensive. (Giant ENG cameras on helicopters of planes) I am personally excited to see how this reshapes capturing footage for commercial, music, or movie related gigs. Although I respect your opinion, I humbly reply with: give people a chance to prove themselves! Nothing is finalized yet.

  3. Where I live in Pennsylvania, aside from professional usage,
    fireworks are illegal. With that said, I watched a neighbor shoot-off the
    equivalent 3 months income (for me) within an hour. But fireworks are
    illegal. Nothing was done to this man who was making a more than public
    display of nearly professional quality munitions. State troopers didn’t storm his yard. Houses and property (luckily)
    weren’t set ablaze. Yet, this is an illegal activity where folks are held
    liable for injuries, damages, and arrested for the activity. And my point. No matter the
    laws passed for drone usage, nothing much will be done until there is an
    accident and somebody must be held accountable.  When you begin seeing
    accounts on the evening news about out-of-control drones crashing cars by
    hitting windshields, or the entire East coast power grid failing due to a wire
    strike, then you will know the axe is about to fall.

  4. Statistics show a totally different image then what all people state about ‘drones’…. First, it are big rc multicopters, and, with every motorized apparatus, … people can get injured.
    Second,FAA is trying to make money out of it, plain and simple. I read the regulation ‘we’ in the Netherlands now have for commercial aerial photography and video, and… then you know where it’s all about. Sponsoring of certain companies (those are ‘approved’, most cost ya well over 10k), ridiculouse invented costs of certification and regulations of your craft and you company (why does it cost 5000 euro?? ), and some ‘sponsoring’ of the companies that ‘gladly’ wanna teach you how to fly these crafts… for thousands of euro’s…. teaching you mostly stuff in ‘slow and many courses’ so they can earn some heavy cash. 
    It’s new, not regulated, that’s why everybody is jumping on these ‘drones’. Again… it aren’t drones, it are mostly toy rc modified helicopters, called multicopters. DJI Phantoms, mostly the once every youtube movie is shot with, have a reach of less then 500 meter, which is not much. 
    To put it in perspective:  on a normal day, anywhere in the world, more people are injured in traffic, on their jobsite, or any where else. Mostly places which have heavy rules, the need for certification and other regulations which should be there to make it ‘safer’… but still accidents happen.
    Why people now all of a sudden think that millions of people are at risk of idiots with rc controlled multicopters, or think everybody is spying on eachother all of a sudden… don’t know. The world without drones is already filled with idiots who destroy things, and hurt other people and spying on other people, so…. 
    That said, it should be more common sense, like with all things. You cannot fly over people, at least people that don’t know about it. Period. Multicopters are not stable and safe enough yet to do that. Dito about cities or roads… But you don’t need heavy rules and regulation for that! And governments and FAA organisation don’t have to hunt multicopter pilots down like they are a bunch of heavy criminals, treatning them with ridiculouse high fines! (don’t forget, here in Europe, the max fine of flying commercially is … 7000 euro!!! If I beat somebody up, or any other way heaviers crime, I don’t even come to that amount!!)
    Btw, that you’re ‘sick’ about all of those drone movies…. What about all those videos about 4K camera’s?? And all those postings here about ‘new gear you need for video’ which cost you a fortune (and in a sense is mostly a bunch of tubing)??  And all those video guys all of a sudden want to colorgrade the hell out of every video, mostly making it so ‘ugly’ you wander why they still complain that the camera ‘does not have good whitebalance’ or ‘does not have the full 4:4:4 or dynamic range’? 
    PS i find it hilarious that most people comment about that movie about the ‘danger’ of the Phantom crashing… while seeing tons of explosives going of (called fireworks here) … 🙂   The range of where the Phantom was flying is the same ‘safety’ zone, where the fireworks was allowed,… so chances are, even if it went down…. it would never reached people. So…what’s to worry??

  5. JePe There has to be laws in place to protect the wildlife, property and people. You make a mistake and violate the law, you pay the consequence for it. Unfortunately, there are more people with money than with common sense.The US National Park Service has already banned them unless you can show why you need to fly one in the park. Makes sense to me. There is protected wildlife there that do not need to be harassed. People rock climbing and those that just want to get away for the ‘noise’. 
    You mention accidents happen and are correct. But there are laws that deal with that also, such as having car insurance or business insurance.

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