Cinemartin Releases FLEC: New Innovative Multi Adjustable Universal Baseplate

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We're always excited to show you new innovative products even if they're not sexy cameras LOL – Here's a new baseplate from Cinemartin that has several cinematographers excited (see the quotes below)

I'm also thrilled to see a design where you don't have to have a pack of tools to make adjustments too.

What people say

Timur Civan: I had been needing a baseplate for my DSLR setup for some time now, and im happy to use the FLEC, its simple, light and looks good

Frank Glencairn: Can't wait to give it a ride

What's FLEC

Cinemartin FLEC is a new innovative universal 15mm base plate for cameras and camcorders, video & photo, with X & Y variant or fixed adjustable positions, which means that users can move position of the camera in respect with the bars, far or close, both in longitudinal and vertical edges.

 Cinemartin enters the hardware & support / rigs tools market with its own design.

Cinemartin enters the hardware & support / rigs tools market with its own design.

It is available starting at only 99€, now accepting pre-orders with shipments in August.

Cinemartin FLEC Image 2

The FLEC system is composed of a 15mm universal baseplate (Aluminium 6000 series) along with a Top Cover Addon Baseplate available also in Fiber Carbon, providing a robust and durable piece for video camcorders and DSLR s, that will enable you to attach a lot of accessories.

You can use FLEC for almost any camcorder and hdslr, for video and photo. FLEC Addon (Kit STD and superiors or alone) allows adjust height of the camera so you can fit almost any video accessory. Cinemartin exclusive designed baseplate will last years and years.

Cinemartin FLEC Image 3

It is valid for smaller and for medium cameras, and for short and longer camera + lenses configurations as FLEC is the only baseplate that features Load Sharing / Balance, allowing you to displace the weight more to front or back to compensate for heavy or longer configurations (eg. when using telephotos, longer zooms or big lenses)

Cinemartin FLEC Image 4

Unlike other adjustable baseplates on the market that tipically requires an hexagonal or Allen tool, that can be lost and no where to store it, FLEC adjust the positions by using nut-screws so users simply turn like a wheel to sit the positions

Image courtesy of Director of Photography Timur Civan

Image courtesy of Director of Photography Timur Civan

Cinemartin FLEC is compatible with almost any Matte boxe, follow focus, power arms, and more equipment ..

Available in several finishes

It is available in ALU and FiberCarbon and FiberCarbonKevlar, with bars in different anodized rich tones

Cinemartin FLEC Image 6

Starting at 99 €

More info of the Universal baseplate and pre-orders at:

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(cover photo credit: snap from Cinemartin Press)

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