Canon Sensors with 14 Stops of Dynamic Range, Just Like Sony and Nikon? Well, Yes But…

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Yeah, caught my attention, too.

But this IS the take-away of Wojciech Toman upon testing Magic Lantern’s (yes, of course – why didn’t I think they were the answer immediately?) Dual ISO functionality.

So: 14 stops of dyamic range from what are really 11 – 12 EV sensors, check.

Accomplishing this by halving the resolution in shadows and highlights, sampling half the sensor at a lower ISO and the other half at a higher ISO: that, too.

It’s a very clever tradeoff that eliminates the need – and limitations – of two exposure HDR, but whether or not it’s for you depends on what you value most in an image and workflow – and whether your subject is moving at the time you release the shutter.

Irrespective of your personal preferences, Magic Lantern does it again.

Magic Lantern Dual ISO – first impressions

Via HDR Photographer by Wojciech Toman:

Today I would like to show you one of my first photos taken with Dual ISO – it's from the same sunset as this one.

Please note that I intend to do more serious testing in the next few days and I will definitely share my findings here on the blog.

Ok, so here is the final processed shot:

Clouds over Warsaw

Above photo probably isn't the most impressive photo I took (although I really like colours in the clouds). What is impressive, however, is how the RAW photo straight from the camera looked:

Magic Lantern Dual ISO - first impressions image 2

Wow! The shadows are almost completely black in the RAW file but they still contain a lot of information! If I didn't use Dual ISO and would brighten them up, I would end up with a very noisy and almost unusable image. But thanks to Dual ISO image is pretty clean despite heavily brightening the shadows. And I used just a little of noise reduction here. Almost none. Amazing!

See full article and technical details at HDR Photographer “Magic Lantern Dual ISO – first impressions”

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(cover photo credit: snap from HDR Photographer)


  1. Thanks for sharing! Dual ISO has been around with ML for a while now, but it is definitely nice to have a reminder that it is there!

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