Amplify Your Message with Beautiful Sound

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“Sound is breath!”

“We Don't live in a world without sound.”

Sound is a huge part of capturing and delivering great videos. However, more and more sound is falling onto the camera operator and/or DP to capture while shooting.

“Good Sound is all in the professional microphone you are using.”

“Sound is what transports people.”

Maybe you share this guys love of sound and maybe not. But how he describes what he does and how he now “sees” through the sounds he hears inspires one to try and experience what he is experiencing.

“Pictures say 1000 words, sound says about 10,000 words!”

“It's sad that people don't think about sound as much as they think about other things when they are telling stories.”

My favorite moment is when he talks about bringing his sound equipment everywhere he goes. To drill this home he talks about you never know what will happen. “Maybe there will be a police shootout. You know how hard it is to get authentic sound of a police shootout?!” This is a guy who found his passion.

I guarantee this will inspire you and make you laugh. Watch these short 4 minutes and let your ears drive the rest of your day.

“Sound gets your imagination going…”

“I want people to become passionate about sound again because when people become passionate about sound thats when stories become powerful.

These are great quotes to live by and be inspired by. Go out and record.

Passion For Sound


See more about why we love RØDE Mics:

At The Music Bed, we're legitimately passionate about sound and all the ways audio contributes to film. We especially love using RØDE mics to capture quality sound… so we took our RØDE gear and a couple comedic pals from Moetic films out for some fun to show you what these microphones are capable of.

Watchers • Steven Gutheinz :
Angelic Highways • Tony Anderson :
With the Leaves •

Mics used:
RØDE Blimp
RØDE VideoMic Pro
RØDE Lavalier
RØDe Podcaster


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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