No Budget 90-Minute Doc Shot Entirely on Canon 60d – Accepted into “HotDocs” Festival

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We get a lot of stories – and isn't that what we all really love? Good Stories!

This documentary was sent to us by William Westaway and was completly shot on the Canon EOS 60D

William said:

I'm a regular visitor to your site and just wanted to let you know I have just completed a 90 minute documentary, shot entirely on my DSLR… a Canon 60d.

We had no budget and we've just been accepted into the major film festival “HotDocs”, which is great.

I thought it might be worth mentioning, as it could be a bit of a feel-good story?… to show people what's possible when all you have is a good idea and a 5d or something similar!

Kind regards


Hot Docs Trailers 2014: THE WRITER WITH NO HANDS

Also watch the trailer at

The Writer With No Hands Summary

In this highly accessible and innovative micro-budget documentary, Dr. Matthew Alford aims to expose government interference in Hollywood movies by proving an acclaimed screenwriter was murdered. The writer was working on a controversial script about real-life CIA bank jobs when he disappeared. Several months later his body was found in a California aqueduct – minus both his hands. Following years of research, Alford decides to visit L.A to prove it was an assassination. He persuades a filmmaker to join him and record the investigation. The problem is that – just like the film industry Alford is trying to expose – the director has his own agenda, and when finally confronted about this he is forced to admit his intentions and turn the lens on himself.

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  1. It was shot with a Canon 60d, using either a Tokina 11-16mm lens, or the L-Series 28-70mm. Excluding some video diary bits, where video from an iphone 4 was used.

  2. shot entirely with 60d and grading with filmconvert…

  3. I would like more info on the following: final cost, people involved, equipment used, editing platform, score, etc.

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