Devin Graham Captures Magnificent Machu Picchu in 4K with the Canon EOS 1D C

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We’ve featured Devin Graham several times on planet5D because he’s doing amazing work with Canon HDSLRs (these days, he’s using the Canon EOS 1D C to shoot 4k). I also can’t think of many people working harder than Devin does. This young man is busting is butt and traveling the world… and many times, sleeping on floors and in cars etc. to get the work and to get the job done.

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I particularly like this one because of the location. Make sure you watch Devin’s behind-the-scenes below the main video… so you can see how he uses simple equipment to create amazing documentaries.

Road to Machu Picchu – Peru in 4K

Filming at Machu Picchu – Behind The Scenes

Check out Devin's Youtube Channel HERE

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Nice shots.
    I just got back from Peru (last night) and shot a ton of pics and 16gigs of video with my Canon XA10. I used a monopod for my steady shots. What you don’t see is standing around and trying to breath at 12K feet elevation. M-P is stunning and I didn’t spend much time with the group. We were as high as 14.5K feet. Walking is very slow

    Lima is also beautiful. Stop lights are obeyed – everything else is an option. Streets full of people, all kinds and types of vehicles and the colours are stunning at times.

    Peru should be put on your travel plans……………it’s another world. AND; did I mention the food?

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