Is the new full frame Sony A7s going to challenge the Panasonic GH4?

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Sony has announced a new full frame sensor mirrorless camera the Sony A7s.

I've yet to make it over to the Sony booth at NAB 2014 to see it, but it is high on my list for today. It does feel initially like the new A7s could be a serious contender for the Panasonic GH4… what do you think? Sound off below in the comments!

I did have a brief chat with Den Lennie who produced the video for Sony you see below and he was very very impressed by the Sony A7s and I also plan to talk to him today again if possible.

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From Photography Bay:

Sony has posted sample footage from the new A7s on YouTube in full 4K resolution. Not that many people have a monitor to view it in full 4K resolution, but it’s there nonetheless. Of course, you can still get a great impression of the camera from the full HD version.

The camera is virtually identical to the A7 and A7R in terms of body and overall design. The only obvious difference is the blue “s” that appears on the 7s badge.

Sony A7s (Photo credit: Photography Bay)

Sony A7s (Photo credit: Photography Bay)

Instead of bumping up the resolution again, Sony has placed a full frame 12.2MP sensor inside the camera. And while the A7s can capture 4K video, it will not capture 4K video to on-board memory cards – only to an external recording device via the HDMI output. The clean HDMI output signal is 3840 × 2160 (30p/24p) or 1920 × 1080(60p/60i/24p) 4:2:2 8 bit.

Sony references no dedicated external recorder, only pointing to an “optional external 3rd party 4K recorder” as being required for 4K capture.

Sony A7s (Photo credit: Photography Bay)

Sony A7s (Photo credit: Photography Bay)

Read full article on Photography Bay: “Sony A7s Unveiled with a 12MP Sensor and 4K Video

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  1. So it’s UHD (3840 × 2160) not true 4k? And it doesn’t record that internally, needing another expensive device to get the “4k”? No thank you.

    The price might seem to put it in league with the GH4 (itself benefiting greatly from a Speedbooster to reach full potential), but if the A7s needs a 4k recorder, the cost jumps significantly… does its footprint. And weird ergonomics. And wiring.

    Oh, and the GH4’s crop means that for every lens I own, I have TWO lenses…as I can use it with or without a Speedbooster, depending on the focal length I need.

    Sure, the GH4 has the optional base, but it’s not necessary at all.

    1. yeah but ‘crop’ goes both ways…. if you need wide-angle, you have a problem with the GH4
      Besides, Sony, perhaps no real 4K, but…. fullframe!! (and it’s not really far of ayh… )

      PS… no speedboosters for Panasonic and Canon lenses…. as far as I know.

      And about internal 4K, … I think external is much easier…. since I’m still curious what SD cards you’ll need to shoot full 4K on the GH4… capturing it on Atomos Ninja’s/Blades is much easier, no limits almost.

      A well, I’m curious about the real experiences of people. Those Sony movies are waaaaay to crisp to believe it… (this example movie looks e-x-a-c-t-l-y the same in clarity and sharpness as that AX100 … so that’s a bit suspicous)

      1. Panasonic shoots UHD 4K and True 4K along with 2K and 1080p on camera .. 4:2:0 8 bit. @1080 you can shoot 24p mode with vfr at 96.. that is 4 x slow mo… on camera.. You need Super High Speed class 3 sd cards.. a 64 GB UHS SDXC class 3 card will cost you around $105 bucks. Optional grip attachment will give you analog external mic levels and control along with xlr and sdi inputs.. Hands down Panasonic wins.. Sony has only full frame over panasonic.. and that is not enough to call it a better camera. According to hands on reviews Panasonic has no aliasing nor moire .. yet Sony A7 has plenty..

  2. Well I think it could be. It kind of stinks that it doesn’t have internal 4k. I think the real benifits of it is the low light capabilities. But I think for most uses the gh4 would win.

  3. Where are the handheld shots? I did some tests with a previous Sony DSLR and I was pretty disapointed with the moire it generates and the terrible slanting rolling shutter issues it generates. Not an option for filming yet, sorry. Lets see how it holds up when some serious testing is going to happen. So far its all about marketing it seems…

  4. I aws looking forward to the specs on the Sony but was disappointed with the lack of 4K capture. Also it does not shoot true 4K, so I will stick with the GH4. I am sure there will be new 4K cameras coming out in the near future, but the GH4 appears to be the best deal, and has the best specs right now. It is an exciting time for us early adopters.

  5. The video is stunning & I know that that is all that should really matter ~ But I wish Sony had shown a bit more pride in this product & made it Look Less Like some CheapHunkOfJunk from the ’50s/’60s ~

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