Introducing Flycam Flyboy-III DSLR Stabilizer – An Ultra-light, ultra-compact DSLR Stabilizer System

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We've seen plenty of new products with NAB last week, but we also got this press release about a new DSLR Stabilizer system from FLYCAM – and it is priced right at only $40!

Flycam Flyboy-III Now Available

From Flycam Press:

Flycam has announced its latest product Flyboy-III DSLR stabilizer – dynamic and modular handheld camera stabilizer.

Its lightweight feature lets you go where the scene takes you–up or down steps, indoors and out, through crowds–almost withoutlimit. Flycam flyboy-III offers you unparalleled advanced features with knee-high price for the video professional.

lycam Flyboy-III DSLR Stabilizer

lycam Flyboy-III DSLR Stabilizer

It is an “all-important production buddy” crafted to enhance your proficiency.

  • Micro adjustment technology.
  • Unique dual extended weight.
  • No-tools adjustment.
  • Dual wall support.
  • True steel gimbal for flawless pivot support to swivel smoothly.
  • Effortless, instantly swap on and off camera because of quick release mount.

Flycam Flyboy II & III Assembly | Adjustment | Operation

Flycam Flyboy-III is now available in white/black just @ $40

Try out our exciting combo, Flyboy-III with Go-Pro/ i-phone adapter!!!

For more information about Flycam products, check out website at Flycamshoppe

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(cover photo credit: snap from Flycam)


  1. Looks nice, but if I’m reading the specs on this correctly, it won’t even be able to hold a Canon 5D MkIII without a lens attached. Sad. 🙁

  2. Thanks
    for the reply.

    Flycam Flyboy-III is purposely designed for smaller cameras. If you need
    stabilizer for Canon 5D MkIII , our FLYCAM Nano Camera Stabilizer System or
    FLYCAM Junior DSLR Camera Stabilizer is perfectly compatible with it.
    You can visit our website for variety of products

  3. This is the one I use. [URL=”″]flycam[/URL]It take a little getting used to, but it definitely does make a difference.

  4. Can I use it for canon eos 70D with 70 – 200mm lens and with 85mm lens ?

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