Cinemartin Announces the Release of Cinec 3.X

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Hopefully you've seen the new sponsor Cinemartin in the ads section – we appreciate them joining the planet5D family.

Cinemartin just announced the newest version of their video conversion tool for Windows (no mac version – sorry) called Cinec 3.x

you can read much about the new version below in the press release or on their site, but I'm pretty amazed at the demo video below where they take a 290mb file and convert it to the new H.265 and the output is only 1.7mb – that's just a small fraction of the original file size. We'll all be very curious to see how that looks!

Cinec 3.x takes advantage of multi-core CPUs and allows batch processing so you can get a lot of work done quickly – plus, if you need to output several different formats from the same source, no problem – very easy to do.

What input formats? Well, just about everything in the industry – from H.264 from DLSRs to goPro, to RED, to AVCHD and many many others.

Output? Well as we've already mentioned, they're able to send out to H.265 if you want, plus many other popular formats… so make sure you give them a good look to see if this is something that will improve your workflow.

Cinemartin Cinec 3.X

From Cinemartin Press Release:

Cinemartin announces the release of Cinec 3.X, the acclaimed windows video converter & encoder software tool that allows to convert videos to state of the art quality codec formats, popular by including Prores, H.264 and HEVC H.265 among others, has released a major version named 3.X, now supporting videos recorded from GOPRO cameras, Cineform files and SI Cineform ((Silicon Image Cineform camera format)), Sony’s XAVC, XAVC-S and RED .r3d files from One, Scarlet,and Dragon up to 6K. This major release also includes support for 4K videos recorded with Snapdragon 800 series devices including the Galaxy Note 3 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5.


Cinemartin Cinec 3.X supports 4K videos recorded with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5

Cinemartin Cinec 3.X supports 4K videos recorded with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5


● Uncompressed 8, 10, 12, & 16 bits
● Cineform (Silicon Image, GOPRO)
● Sony XAVC (Sony PMWF5, F55)
● Sony XAVCS (Sony FDRAX100)
● R3D (RED one, RED Scarlet & RED Epic)
● AVC Intra (Panasonic Broadcast)
● AVCHD Pro (Sony FS100, FS700, Pana. 3/4)
● AVCHD Consumers (Handycams from Sony, Panasonic, JVC)
● H.264 MOV (Canon EOS series)
● H.264 MP4 (GOPRO cameras)
● MPEG2 Long GOP MXF (Canon C100, C300, C500)
● MPEG4 AVC MP4 Snapdragon 800 & 805 (Samsung Galaxy 4K, S5, upc. Xperia, ..)
● And more ..

Cinec 3.X Convert video to H.265

Cinec reach the pole as the encoder with more supported video input formats of this times.

This must have encoder – converter tool, Cinec, whose last customers includes Panasonic Corporation, being the first to deliver h.265 encoding on windows for consumers and pros, the one that was build the 3.0 release in colaboration with Convergent Design for its Odissey recorder users, and the one that was developed to accept ingest from Blackmagic cameras, sony FS series and F5 – F55, Panasonic, Canon, JVC and more, now supporting up to 6K and now with the 3.X version, supporting several new devices, cameras and codecs, and including several new features for video processing.

Cinec 3.X includes a feature called MPA which will allow you to adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Gamma levels of videos.


Switch on/off this dual preview monitor to show the original video on left and MPA adjusted on right. You can preview motion picture levels before conversions in almost real-time.

Cinec can create movies from single pictures. 3.X allows to create videos from alpha images, so now is possible to create transparent videos with the new Quicktime Animation preset. Ready to put on Adobe Premiere Timeline, Avid, Vegas, etc..


2ND UPGRADE TO H265 CONVERTER : WIDER, FASTER & WITH INCREDIBLE RATIOS OF 0.5% Convert videos to H.265 now its more easy than ever and more efficiency. Cinec 3.X include the 2nd release of the popular HEVC encoder, now with several advantages over previous versions (up to v.3.0), including wider support, a little more fast processing and with up to a 40-50% of disk space savings.

LEFT:Original Sony PXW-Z100 4K (3840x2160p) 290MB XAVC in MXF. RIGHT:Output in HEVC H.265 with Cinec 3.X 1.5MB

LEFT:Original Sony PXW-Z100 4K (3840x2160p) 290MB XAVC in MXF. RIGHT:Output in HEVC H.265 with Cinec 3.X 1.5MB

Other features are listed on:

Check out the website. Your next gen video converter

(cover photo credit: snap from Cinemartin Press)


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