Big League CineSummit – FREE Cinematography Event Online!

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Last fall, there was an amazing “CineSummit” that was held online and we were a sponsor, and Aviv Vana's Big League is doing it again this May – and yes, planet5D is sponsoring again!

It is awesome when things like this are presented, much less that you can watch them for free! So you get to see 9 presentations from 9 industry leaders for free but you will also be able to purchase the videos so you can watch them at your leisure afterwards as well.

What is Big League CineSummit?

Never worry about disappointing footage again. Because we’ve gathered 9 Top Cinematographers and Film Makers for an online cinematography summit called Big League CineSummit – on May 6th & 7th. And you can register today, for FREE.

With each class, our renowned panel of accomplished cinematographers & film makers will personally SHOW YOU how to quickly transform your filmmaking – revealing hundreds of insights that took them years to gather.

And the best thing – It’s FREE for 48 hours!

Top Cinematographers Around the World Share Their Knowledge

Discover the various techniques and tools that the best cinematographers around the world use to achieve stunning images. Imagine being able to apprentice with the folks that are creating the kind of work you would like to create. Big League CineSummit is your chance to do just that.

BigLeagueCineSummit Presenters

The Presenters:

“Using Lighting & Color For Mood” with David Wright

“How To Film A Fight Scene” with Jordan Cushing

“Must Have Filters for Beautiful Visuals” with Ryan E. Walters

“Achieving Rich, True, Cinematic Blacks” with Arden Tse

“The Film Look: How Digital Cameras Can Emulate It” with Art Adams

“High-End Cinematography & VFX On a Budget” with Peter Szewczyk

“Beauty Lighting – The Secret to Commercial Beauty” with Matt Workman

“Creating a Look In Camera Using Gels” with Phillip Briggs

“How to Create Cinematic & Dramatic Lighting” with August Bradley

Reserve your spot by registering HERE

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