MZed Presents “Need Light? Speedlite!” Tour with Bob Davis and Stephen Eastwood

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Here's a tour that you may be interested in attending in the USA

MZed puts on some good tours so this one should be awesome.

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D.C’s MZed is Taking Renowned Photographers Bob Davis and Stephen Eastwood on a North American Tour

From MZed Press:

Jeffrey Medford, owner of MZed, has confirmed that that MZed is taking renowned photographers, Bob Davis and Stephen Eastwood on a cross country photography workshop tour March 9th through May 29th.This 32 cityworkshop tour will be traveling with top gear, models, and by two professionals that base their business on the power of Speedlites and the importance of thinking and understanding lighting.

“Your limitation with [Speedlites] is only in your imagination!” said Davis. “I run my entire business off these, raise my right hand.” The duo will have plenty of perspective on the subject as Eastwood stated, “ You can put [Speedlites] in places you would put lights and places you wouldn’t put lights.”

MZed is proud to stand behind a workshop outline that really focuses on quality lighting for all photographers regardless of what camera or lenses are used. The workshop will be split into two segments which include the daytime workshop for $119 with a complimentary two hour photo shoot featuring four models, and an exclusive evening hands-on masterclass with Bob and Stephen for only 30 students to have personalized instruction while experimenting with lighting techniques learned in the workshop, and photograph the models with top gear that will be on tour.

Bob Davis, famous wedding and portrait photographer along with Stephen Eastwood, a heavy weight fashion and glamour photographer, will provide an in-depth and accessible course for professional or aspiring photographers to enhance their body of work – be that in wedding, fashion, portrait, or commercial photography.The Need Light? Speedlite! workshop will focus on the power, portability, and practicality of Speedlites versus traditional strobes and static lighting.

"Need Light? Speedlite" Photography Workshop Instructors

“Need Light? Speedlite” Photography Workshop Instructors

With the reach of national sponsors, local sponsors, and past affiliations, MZed is excited to be able to reach passionate photographers across the United States and Canada looking to evolve their craft.

According to MZed, they have numerous photography and filmmaking projects lined up for 2014 and are very excited to start unveiling the upcoming project to the public as well as ones on the horizon.

Monte Zucker Education (MZed) produces educational photography and filmmaking tours and resources. The Washington, D.C. based company was founded in 2007 by the legendary photographer Monte Zucker right before his passing. MZed continues to pursue creative education in memory of Monte Zucker and his work.

Need Light? Speedlite!

What does it take to create stunning professional photos over and over again with any type of camera and lenses? Why not learn and find out? Bob Davis and Stephen Eastwood have partnered up in a joint venture called the Need Light? Speedlite Tour and will be traveling cross country to 32 cities between March 9th and May 29th in the spring of 2014. Both recognized as Canon Explorers of Light, these two photographers have mastered Speedlites and have used them for countless shoots since the beginning of their careers. They have also taught their unique techniques to numerous students around the world for year and so now both power houses are teaming up to go on a North American tour this spring!

Need Light? Speedlite! by MZed

As world-class photographers that have shot celebrities and dignitaries alike, all while traveling the globe creating awe-inspiring photographs; these two have access to the best gear the lighting industry has to offer, which makes one wonder, “Why speedlites?” The answer: Small lights with BIG possibilities!
Bob’s and Stephen’s portfolios that are stark opposites of one another, yet both their photographs are perfectly executed while constantly facing the pressure to produce great work because that is the work their clients have come expect from them. When you are traveling location to location, you can lug around your giant strobes or you can focus on creating a one-of-kind image and this is just one reason why they love these two photographers love their speedlites. Both Bob and Stephen want to teach you new ways to think about lighting so you too can achieve stunning results with small strobes.

"Need Light? Speedlite" Photography Workshop

“Need Light? Speedlite” Photography Workshop

The duo’s program of the Need Light? Speedlite! Tour consists of two parts. The daytime workshop alternates between the two instructors as they break down their tested lighting methods and theories equipped with cutting edge gear along alternates for the same high end gear. Using live models they will demonstrate their approach to light and photography. After a robust 6-hour class all participants will have the opportunity to participate in a free two hour live shoot, where they get to put their newly acquired skills to use. With four models in four different shooting bays, attendees will not only test what they have learned but also will get a chance to create beautiful imagery for their own portfolios.

The second half is a 3 ½ hour evening masterclass reserved for any one that wants to take a deeper approach to photography with speedlites. Coached by Bob and Stephen themselves, participants will get a truly hands on experience in a limited class size setting that ensures that each student gets personalized critique and attention. Students can alter lighting set-ups, modify speedlites, and perfect their own shooting styles.

This full-day program unveils the tips and tricks used by Bob Davis and Stephen Eastwood in their highly sought after photography businesses. Attendees will learn how both photographers use theses compact and powerful lights to run their entire photography studios and how they can too all while taking photos and building up their portfolio on the spot.

Visit: to register and for more information about this fantastic tour

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  1. Lighting and shadow has been a popular way of making film look great since the heyday of films started to be produced. Lighting/shadow can make a women look younger and hide certain aspects of the face that could show a woman’s age. It can be done for men too, but you’ll notice it’s done for women more often, and still done to this day.

    Thanks for sharing the video. 🙂

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