Can You Guess Which Blackmagic Cams Were Used in this “Generation Young” Music Video?

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How good are you at spotting the looks of the three Blackmagic cameras? Hint: all three (Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera) were used in the making of this music video.

Dave Murray (Director/Editor) and DP Captain Hook shot the debut single for Lizzie Marvelly with all three of Blackmagic's cameras. The challenge is to guess which one was used to shot each shot in the video.

No prize except bragging rights – check out the video and list your guesses in the comments below.

BMPC 4K – Lizzie Marvelly // Generation Young


First single for NZ artist Lizzie Marvelly –
Available on itunes:

Directed / Edited: Dave Murray –
DP / Grade: Captain Hook –
Cam Op: Grant Findlay
Cam Op: Jared Brandon –
Assistant: Aaron George
Makeup/Hair: Rochele Noble
Stylist: Sonia Greenslade
Location: Mt Eden & Fort Lane, Auckland, New Zealand

Lizzie Marvelly_Generation Young Image 3

About BMPC 4K – Lizzie Marvelly // Generation Young

Shot using all 3 Blackmagic Cameras – Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K (beta), 2.5K Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

See If you can guess in the comments which camera was used for each shot.

I was really impressed with how well all three cameras cut together in the edit. I also found despite the difference in file size, prores was a lot easier/faster to edit with in fcpx than what Im used to with h.264 dslr footage.

One day shoot, 30 giant balloons, one massive tank of helium, one city street, one sacred mountain, 25 extras, one awesome NZ singer and an amazing hard working crew!

Big thanks to NZonair, Lizzie Marvelly and the cast and crew for working so hard to pull this off in such a short amount of time!
And of course Blackmagic Design for the use of the 4k Production Camera. The effort BMD have put into making these cameras over the last couple years is truly incredible!

Behind the Scenes Stills

Behind the Scenes "Generation Young" by artist Lizzie Marvelly

Behind the Scenes “Generation Young” by artist Lizzie Marvelly

Behind the Scenes "Generation Young" by artist Lizzie Marvelly

Behind the Scenes “Generation Young” by artist Lizzie Marvelly

Behind the Scenes "Generation Young" by artist Lizzie Marvelly

Behind the Scenes “Generation Young” by artist Lizzie Marvelly

Post your ideas which cams were used in the comments below – Good Luck!

(cover photo credit: snap from Audio Optic)


  1. Anything with low depth of field that isn’t a tele shot will be from the 4K. The small sensors on the other two make it impossible (almost) to achieve. Can’t pick the other two though!

    1. False. Metabones Speedbooster can easily help many lenses on the pocket achieve a low depth of field, or even cheaper, a micro 4/3 Rokinon or Samyang 8mm would come out to be just a bit over a 16mm equivalent and can easily achieve a low depth of field, and that’s not even mentioning the plethora of other wide angle micro 4/3 lenses or c-mount lenses that are out there. It’s not even almost impossible, it just takes a small amount of planning if you know you want low depth of field with the bmpcc.

  2. I honestly have no idea myself, all I can say is I’m now a fan of this woman’s music. Thank you for bringing her music to my attention. For me though, the quality of the video seemed to change a bit throughout, I can’t really explain it though.

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