Blind Spot Gear Presents The Scorpion Light – A Revolutionary Adaptable Lighting Solution

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Need some flexible small lighting for your video project?

This new light The Scorpion Light is up on kickstarter looking for some support and it has potential so we thought we'd share it with you.

Bafta winning Entrepreneurs KickStart The Scorpion Light at BVE & NAB.

From Blind Spot Gear Press Release:

Blind Spot Gear proudly introduces the Scorpion Light, a revolutionary adaptable lighting solution for almost any conceivable filming scenario. Never before has so much light been available in such a compact and flexible head.

The flagship Scorpion Light system features 4 LED lamp heads, each individually mounted on an ultra flexible gooseneck arm which ends in a 16mm spigot with1/4” thread for an array of mounting options. Each lamp head is independently dimmable and features magnetic barn doors to sculpt the light and allow simple and effective mounting of gels. Within each head a single high power emitter delivers 1100lm (max) in either a daylight CCT or a high CRI tungsten option. Power is supplied to each lamp individually via adapters allowing for AC, Battery or Dtap sources. The full kit is supplied in a customised hard case and includes 4x (lamp, super clamp, dimmer, AC supply, battery Adapter) 8x (sony np-f battery) 1x (Battery charger) The scorpion light set is now available on Kickstarter, prices from £550

Scorpion Light 2

Reporting on BVE Michael Burns said: “It's been a good day to catch up with smaller companies who are exhibiting, but, that's not to say they’ve been forgotten – you couldn't move in the aisles in some cases. One product of particular interest is The Scorpion Light, created by three young entrepreneurs from Glasgow (attending BVE in kilts no less) who are seeking Kickstarter funding.”

No matter whether you’re starting out in your career, a pro or a full out Oscar winner this light has a place in your kit. The ultimate tricky location light, a beautiful hidden detail light or a full out 4 light interview set-up. With a simple 1/4” attachment or hot shoe the Scorpion Light also doubles as a unique off centred top light.

Scorpion Light team

The young team of entrepreneurs are traveling the world, in Kilts no less, from BVE London, to NAB Vegas then across to Broadcast Asia and ending up at IBC Amsterdam. All with one mission, spread the word of their revolutionary new lighting system, the Scorpion Light.

Blind Spot Gear was created by a Bafta winning Director, Kodak Award winning cinematographer Billy Campbell and two Engineers, Alan Easdale and James Campbell, both professional engineers and entrepreneurs with a wealth of component sourcing and engineering experience.

The trio has turned to Kickstarter in order to get this project off the ground, Kickstarter success will validate the product and help to fund the first order, at present the campaign is off to a good start with 4 weeks to go and funding already at 30%.

The Scorpion Light can attach virtually anywhere. Rafters, table legs, table tops, door frames, bus poles, scaffolding, radiators, head rests, wheel arches, window sills the list is literally endless. The Light Can be powered from low costing Sony NP-F Batteries as well as mains and now via D-tap.

The Scorpion Light can also detached from the super clamp and has a 1/4 inch thread on the base, this means it can attached to a camera making it the most flexible top light on the market. Now you can get 3/4 lighting from a top light.

Scorpion Light Tech Specs

  • Gooseneck length: 350mm
  • Mounting options: 16mm spigot, ¼” or 3/8” thread adapter, hot shoe adapter, suction mount
  • Emitter (bulb) Power: 13W
  • Power sources: AC power, Sony NP-F series batteries, D Tap
  • Power requirement (mains supply): 120-240VAC
  • Battery run time: 1h (NP-F550), 3.3h (NP-F960)
  • Optics Colour Temperature: Daylight (5700K) or Tungsten (3000K)
  • Output: 1100lm (daylight) 700lm (tungsten)
  • Emitter Running hours : 50,000 hours
  • Gel attachment method: Magnets on barndoors

For more information, visit their Kickstarter campaign: The Scorpion Light – Revolutionizing your Films

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)


  1. I saw this on a site showcasing cool kickstarter campaigns and I put down some money down on it, it wasn’t much, but when I saw what it was offering, I figured I’d jump at helping these guys make something so cool and helpful to us filmmakers. I will be getting these myself and I cannot wait. 😀

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