Blackmagic Production Camera 4K versus RED Epic Comparison Video

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The team at found this one and we wanted to share it to make your Sunday a bit more interesting. At least I hope it makes your day more interesting… it did for me.

Oh, and this was meant to see if the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K would work side by side with the RED – not be a total replacement.

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K vs RED Epic

From Michal, motionVFX Team:

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K is for sure a hot topic right now and many comparisons emerge on the internet, you can also find a few video samples. Toby Kahler also posted something special – a pretty great side-by-side comparison of the Blackmagic Production Camera and the RED Epic.

Of course the RED Epic is a more advanced camera and it costs more, but it seems that the BMPC still can be competitive.

Toby didn't want to prove though which camera is better, his intention was to check if these cameras will work together as an A and B-Cam setup.

In the case of the Blackmagic he used the ProRes 4K mode because it was the only one available, the RED Epic on the other hand was used with different compresssion settings from 5:1 to 12:1 (for the slomos).

Blackmagic Production Camera (BMPC 4k) & RED Epic – Test / Comparison – 1080p


We did a side-by-side comparison with the Blackmagic Production Camera (BMPC) and the RED EPIC.

This test is by no means scientific or should prove which camera is better or whatever! The intention was to check, if these cameras will work together as an A and B-Cam setup.

The BMPC 4K had (at the time of this test) only the ProRes 4K (UHD) mode available. The RED EPIC was used with different compresssion settings from 5:1 to 12:1 (for the slomos).

All footage is OUT OF CAMERA without any color correction, LUT or grading applied. The RED EPIC was set to RED Color 3 and RED Gamma 3.

The footage was downscaled to 1080p HD and compressed for Vimeo. We will post some fullsize frame grabs in the next days on our blog and facebook. We will also post our personal thoughts in the next days – till then: Enjoy 😉

All shooting was done in Frankfurt / Germany.

A big thanks to our model Nadine, A.F. Marcotec ( for providing us one of the first BMPC 4K cameras in Germany and our friends at FirstGrade Studios ( for their EPIC.

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DP: Toby Kahler

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K vs RED Epic BTS Stills

(cover photo credit: snap from MOTIONCTRL Filmproduktion FB Page)


  1. The Blackmagic had a weird pink circle when pointed toward the sun.
    Is that how it handles clipping?

    Also showed up on the rim of the shoulder in that shot.

    1. Author

      Ah, you’ve noticed the Blackmagic ‘black sun’ problem… still can’t believe they haven’t fixed that!

  2. Drastic difference under these lighting conditions. The evening stuff at the airport would probably cut together OK.

  3. I noticed the problem with the Sun, too.

    I didn’t see much difference between them (but then, I’m not a cinematographer). What I did notice was that both look like film, not video. Is that how they’re supposed to look?

  4. I noticed the sun too, however, I also felt the Red had more problems with the sun, it just felt like the sun overtook the frame when it was in the frame, casting too much light all around the frame. Maybe there wasn’t a matte box on the red?

    Honestly, what I noticed most is that for the most part they could work just fine together. The dynamic range of the Red is a bit more, but when you compare 25K+ for a Red to 3K for the 4K BM camera, that’s an unreal difference in price for what you get. Also, we’ll have to wait for 4K RAW to see the full dynamic range of the 4K BM.

    I for one would have no problem shooting a film with BM 4K. The only thing I’d miss is the high frame rate for slow mos, but you can get away with that in some situations in post.

    What I think we’d all hope for is BM to come out with a 4K camera next year that does 120fps and has 14 or so stops of dynamic range. With it’s global shutter and 4K resolution, I don’t know too much else it would need? I don’t have one yet myself, but I sure do want one!

  5. This test was definitely interesting to see, however I immediately noticed that they chose to use two different lenses for the cameras. The flares were far more pronounced on the Epic, which made it difficult to decipher which camera was handling the harsh daylight better.

    One really positive thing that this test shows is the way the Black Magic Camera handles skin tones. I thought her skin looked much more natural in the BMCC footage. The Epic showed the usual magenta/pink skin tones we’ve all grown to know and love 😉

    The Epic clearly had better dynamic range. It handled the clipped highlights far better than the BMCC, which didn’t necessarily have incredibly ugly clipped whites, but they definitely clipped sooner.

    I tend to do a lot of tests that are really just me going out with some friends and my Sony F5 or buddy’s Alexa and shooting stuff that is practical and fun without chip-charts or any scientific support. Practical tests are fun and useful even if they aren’t scientifically testing the boundaries of the camera. Some times with narrative projects you choose a camera because it just feels right – not because it is technically the best tool out there…

  6. Well we need to known the lenses used. They were the same? No? This is essential to compare. I liked the red more. Because of the texture. It looks more organical, less sharp but defined enough. But when you look at the price BM beats them all, and you forgive any small problems…

  7. I want to know if BlackMagic is useful for photo-shooting as well? Is it better than 5DMarkIII in terms of photoshooting?

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