Awesome early hands on with the Panasonic GH4

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I'm not familiar with “TheCameraStoreTV” guys, but I might be now… they've just released this Panasonic GH4 hands on (obviously with a pre-production Panasonic GH4) and it is pretty complete and well done.

The guys cover both photography and video aspects of the camera in this almost 14 minute overview and review.

They've included plenty of samples of 4k, 4k cropping to 1080, slow-mo, and even have a nice overview of the “brick” (Panasonic calls it the YAGH)

I really like their enthusiasm and their ability to include the things that they don't like – great to see a hands on where someone actually tells you the things they think could have been better on a product!

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Panasonic GH4 Hands-On Field Test

Chris and Jordan had the chance to check out an almost final version of the hugely exciting Panasonic GH4. Find out our thoughts on this beast of a camera, in 4K!

Shot by Jordan Drake, Ryan HK and Nicole Santerre
Edited by Jordan Drake
Filmed on the Panasonic GH4 and Sony FS700
Special thanks to Adam Mudry, Ryan HK and Nicole Santerre

Music provided by

What do you think?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Panasonic GH4 is going to be my next camera. I’ve needed an upgrade for some time now and I think the GH4 is my next best option. I think the price is perfect for what it offers and I can’t wait to just shoot with it soon. I will be ordering my own

    1. Yeah I am planning on getting a GH4 next as well. I’ve been really happy in the past with pretty much all of Panasonic’s camera’s and other cool gadgets, and this is by far the camera I really want to get next. I agree that the price is great for what is given, the quality along is what I am in love with. The video above doesn’t really show it all, but I’ve seen some other videos that looked so good that it sold me right away.

  2. it’s funny that the 4:2:2 is now all of sudden an issue …. couple of years ago, only topnotch camera’s ‘used’ it, but had a resolution and quality which is waaaaaaaaay less then camera’s like the GH4, and now, everybody complains about it.
    It’s weird that peoples expectations rise that fast.

    I almost feel pity with all those guys who are still investing zillions of dollars for RED’s and other expensive camera’s… DSLR video was the ‘first’ video revolution, 4/3 is gonna be the second.
    Would be nice if also the GH4 could deliver RAW video.
    It’s also a shame, really a shame that that ‘brick’ of a interface does NOT carry a SSD slot for external recording, like the Atomos fieldrecorders have. Why can Atomos ‘do’ that by HDMI, while this one cannot?

    PS, does this GH4 has a clean HDMI output (without that interface thing?)

    1. Author

      Yes J.P. I believe the HDMI is clean output.

      It is a shame that the “brick” requires an external power source too!

      maybe adding SSD to the brick would have made it even bigger?

      1. The HDMI is clean, though we were unable to test it with our sample unit. We’ll have a follow up video testing the external recording options, low light performance, resolution and AF tracking once I get my hands on a production unit.

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